Dead Rising 3 Review Round Up

Jason McDonald

The next generation of console gaming has now become the present generation, we’re living in the future people! Look around you at all the marvelous potential.  It all looks… pretty much the same.

Nevertheless, I’m still excited about the new consoles and all the innovations they potentially bring along with them.  Last week the world was introduced to the Playstation 4, which carried with it a few hiccups and a disappointing game.  But hey, no console launch is perfect and when the XBox One drops later this week they will surely face their own set of challenges.  It’s all part of the fun and excitement of new gaming systems.

The XBox One will be available for purchase on November 22nd, along with a slew of games that include a couple of console exclusives.  One of these games is the hotly anticipated sequel in the “Dead Rising” series.  Today the embargo on “Dead Rising 3” has lifted and now reviews are slowly making their way to the general public.  Here’s a roundup of how the game is currently faring in the media.

9 out of 10 from Destructoid– Although it sacrifices a tad of its loveable camp factor and neon style in favor of a few other advancements, the outcome is a much stronger, more involved Dead Rising game. For once, I actually felt overwhelmed in a zombie outbreak, which is a real example of how next-gen technology can be used to do more than simply “make things look better.”

8 out of 10 from EGM– When so many of this generation’s launch titles feel like glorified tech demos, I’m inclined to applaud the fact that Dead Rising 3 is much more impressive to play than it is to look at. Would I love to have it both ways? Sure. But I’d gladly trade more polygons for more zombies, more weapons, more laughs, and more Dead Rising.

7.5 out of 10 from Polygon– Dead Rising 3 gets a lot of things right. It presents a massive open world filled with possibilities and features the first truly impressive use of scale in a game based on a zombie outbreak. But the game’s difficulty spikes — due to its control and inventory issues — and boring, stereotype-laden writing can be difficult to swallow.

7 out of 10 from Gamespot– Despite a wonky presentation and obvious technical hiccups, Capcom has successfully made Dead Rising 3 a more welcoming experience than its harsh predecessors. It can be an inconsistent experience, but I choose to ignore the game’s peculiarities and play Dead Rising 3 in the spirit that I believe it’s intended: running around in shark outfit shooting zombies with deadly dildos fired from a leaf blower.

Overall, Dead Rising 3 seems to be doing pretty well.  The criticisms mostly lay with a few technical issues and characters that come off as being overly cheesy.  Given that most console launch games tend to struggle with adapting to new technology, the technical hiccups are to be expected.  As for the characters and story, well, that’s part of the “Dead Rising” charm.  If it didn’t appeal to you before, it certainly won’t now.  However, if thats an element you want from the series, then it seems like the game delivers on expectations.

Given the way the game has reviewed, will you be picking up Dead Rising 3 on launch day? Let us know in the comments.


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