First Official Teaser Trailer for The Bunker

Chris Savage

The BunkerI’m sure we have many die-hard Italian horror fans out there? And of course, just those looking for a worthwhile horror flick. While details are extremely scarce at this time, we do have ourselves the first official teaser trailer for¬†Davide Preite’s paranormal Italian horror flick, The Bunker. But saying that, it is just a teaser and it does what it says on the tin, teases. But make your way below and check it out.

Synopsis:¬†A group of friends go near an isolated bunker, for spending a weekend outdoors. While everyone is gathered around the camp fire alone and depressed Thomas going to look inside the bunker. From that moment will be the beginning of a journey … to hell.

An official release date is still yet to be announced, however, their official Facebook page is hinting at a 2014/15 release date, so stay tuned.

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      1. james November 29, 2013 at 2:52 pm

        Asan Italian American, it pains me to say that I hate Italian horror movies… First off, the music never seems to be written for the scene at hand, always too overly dramatic. Next, they are usually drawn out and wordy, trying to fill in way too much back story… And finally, most usually come complete with an anticlimactic ending… I’ll try it, but if it’s like 95% of all the other Italian horror movies, I’ll end up watching 30 minutes or so and canning it.