Is Seth Rogen Working on Preacher?

Jason McDonald

Earlier today we brought you word that cable network AMC (home of “The Walking Dead”) had ordered a pilot to be made based on the Vertigo comic “Preacher”.

Given “Preacher’s” on again off again record with being adapted to the big and small screen, this news didn’t inspire any confidence in me.  However, there’s been another development in the story that lends it some credibility.  Actor Seth Rogen (“This is the End”) took to Twitter earlier today to announce his excitement over a new project.

“Looks like about seven years of hard work are about to pay off.” The actor proclaimed, “I may get to bring one of my favourite stories ever to life.”  If that were all he tweeted, there wouldn’t be any indication that he was working on “Preacher”, however, he then followed up with this Tweet. “Arseface.  John Wayne, the Saint of Killers.”  Names of characters featured in “Preacher”, quite a coincidence given today’s news.

All signs seem to be pointing that there is indeed movement on a “Preacher” series and it looks like Seth Rogen will have some sort of involvement.  On what level, though, remains to be seen.  If I had to guess, I’d say that he’d most likely serve as some sort of executive producer for the series.  All things considered, that could be a huge boon for the series.  Despite what some people might think of Seth Rogen, having a recognizable big name star supporting the show in an producer capacity can only benefit the series.

Given the way news is churning up about this project, I can’t imagine it’ll be too long before we get some sort of official confirmation.  If Seth Rogen is indeed attached to this project, it’ll be interesting to see what other talents get pulled in.



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        This movie looks like their in pineapple express. Great movie by both actors.

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        If it’s anything like green hornet …

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        Well that killed my boner.

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          yep my monitor is now wearing my coffee

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        God DAMN IT