Persona 5 Gets a Trailer and Spin Off Games

Jason McDonald

Everyone knew it was coming, but it was simply just a matter of when and where.  After being kept in suspense for years, Atlus has finally revealed that “Persona 5” is indeed coming and they did it with a brief teaser trailer.  However, that wasn’t the only thing they announced.

Along with the aforementioned “Persona 5”, Atlus has revealed three other companion games that’ll tie into the Persona lore in one way or another.  The first of which is a dancing/rhythm game called “Persona 4: Dancing All Night.”  Somehow the game will actually tie into the story of the previous Persona game.  It’s insane, but that’s the sort of thing I’d expect from Atlus.  But, given how catchy the music has been in the series, I’m totally up for a rhythm game. It’ll release on the Vita in Fall 2014.

Next is a sequel to their previous fighting game called “Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold”, which immediately wins best title of the year.  This one is coming to the PS3 some time next year.  Then there’s “Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth”, a cutesy looking RPG with characters from “Persona 3” and “Persona 4” teaming up to take on a dungeon on the 3DS.  Finally, we have a trailer for “Persona 5”, which is coming to the PS3 in Winter 2014.  All of which you can view below.

An important thing to remember is that all of these release periods are for Japan and that no North American date has been set for these games.  There’s a chance we could never see them, but I highly doubt that.


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