Real Terror: Mutant Rats Invade British Parliament

Herner Klenthur

Rats… they are gross nasty little creatures and shockingly its being reported that mutant rats have invaded the British Parliament. This is no laughing matter horror fiends as these mutant rats are immune to their normal ‘pellet poison foe’.

The british government is spending around $11,000 a month to try and contend with the nasty little critters.

The reason they are spending so much is that these mutant rats are immune to poison pellets and actually feed off of them. So in effect by putting out poison they are making them stronger and allowing them to breed and become an even larger menace.

It kind of blows my mind it takes $11k  a month to do this. If it was me I would follow the very practical advice laid out by Stephen King and get the Graveyard Shift to take care of it.

Alternatively if you dont want to get the Graveyard Shift to take care of it I am pretty sure you can buy a lot of cats for way less then $11k.


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