Review : The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 4 “Indifference”

Zachariah O'Dell

The Walking Dead Season 4 Photo 5We are now a quarter of the way through Season 4 of The Walking Dead. Tensions are high, danger is everywhere, and much remains unsolved. All of this has paid off with about 13-16 million viewers for each debut of the first 3 episodes. With the show’s massive audience, I’m sure they will spread the word to bring more people into The Walking Dead fan base, especially considering that Episode 4 is really good!

There is a lot to like in the new episode. It starts off with Carol talking to Lizzie about being strong and to not be afraid as she is leaving with Rick to get supplies and medicine. You can see that Carol really cares for her. Perhaps because of the death of her daughter, she is now getting some of the old feelings she had by caring for Lizzie. Besides that, the whole episode takes place outside of the prison. This was a nice change of scenery, but scenery was the smallest change made.

We follow two groups in this episode: Rick with Carol and Daryl’s crew. Rick and Carol drive up to a neighborhood to get supplies. While grabbing meds from one house, they find a walker and shoot it. Then as they hear a noise and expect another walker to come out, two young survivors appear. One of the survivor’s has a sore shoulder which Carol says is dislocated and she is able to fix it for him. Rick seems pretty impressed, but then shortly after, he gets down to business and starts inquiring about where they came from. This eventually leads him to asking the first question of his famous “3 questions” which we saw in the season premiere. We do not see the answer to these questions, but they look like good kids and Rick doesn’t seem agitated by their answers, so Rick tells them to sit tight and that they will come back later to pick them up, but Carol thinks they should prove their worth and clear out the neighborhood. Rick does not like this idea one bit, but the survivors are eager to please and before you know it, they set out to clear the houses and gather supplies.

Upstairs, Carol and Rick get into a discussion about what she did in the last episode. She says that, “You don’t have to like what I did, but you should accept it”. Rick is not okay with any of this and Carol makes the point that “You can be a farmer. You can’t just be a farmer”. It’s left at that and they walk outside to pick fruits in the backyard. They begin taking about the ones they lost and Rick brings up the fact that he still wakes up expecting Lori to call him for breakfast. We find out that she was able to fix the guy’s shoulder because of her abusive past with her husband. It’s a nice chat that explains what the characters are going through and it compares their somewhat similar situation in regards to lost loved ones.

However, this is quickly cut short when they open the fence door to the street to find the severed leg of one of the survivors back in the house. Ahead of them, two walkers are eating her body. It’s shortly after this that Rick makes a hard decision. He tells Carol to leave the group and never return. He explains that she didn’t need to make a decision to kill Sasha and the other member and that he is making this decision for himself and for Carl. In a nutshell, he finds her new cold sense of judgment to be a huge danger and the decision to send out the new survivors to clear the nearby houses was the last straw. At the same time, he feels okay in making this choice. She will survive because she is not her frail self from her abusive past and has become very independent. This will also save her life because Tyreese will kill her when he eventually finds out what she has done. Rick loads up a car with supplies and Carol drives off.

I have a very good feeling that this is not good-bye for Carol. Will she come back later to prove herself and save the day when the prison is in chaos? Will she come back to terrorize them for being cast out? Will she join forces with The Governor? Is she really gone for good? Many possibilities, but I’m sure we will see her later this season.

On the other hand, Daryl and the crew continue the hunt for supplies, which ended with a surprise attack by a swarm of walkers last episode. Being fuelled with anger, Tyreese holds onto a walker for too long when they are attacked again. It takes Daryl to pull the walker off of him and execute it. His actions continue to cause havoc for himself and everyone else around him and it could continue to be a big problem for the group. They move on and eventually find an abandoned building. After they explore it for a good while, they come across some meds. They grabs as much as they can and decide to leave. This leads to a pretty intense sequence with another walker surprise attack. They get cornered, but they don’t want to shoot as the blood could get on them and spread the infection. They make it out through a back door and break through a window upstairs.

Outside, the crowd of walkers below grabs Bob’s bag, but he refuses to let go. Daryl, Michonne, and Tyreese tell him to let go, but he refuses. Bob successfully pulls out bag out of the walker’s hands, but it is revealed that the bag is filled with booze. This is the second run in a row where his alcoholism has screwed up the entire plan, but this time was too far. Daryl almost throws him off the roof, when Tyreese surprisingly says, “Let him go. What’s done is done”. The Tyreese we saw earlier in the episode would have killed Bob on the spot, but now here he is offering calm advice to Daryl. His anger might possibly be fading which is a good thing, but even worse, what is the counsel going to do about Bob and his drinking habits that have cost lives and pointless runs into town. Something needs to be done here.

By taking us out of the prison, resolving the dilemma of how to deal with Carol’s actions, and exploring Bob’s alcohol addiction, this episode covered a lot of ground and big decisions were made. The thing I am most curious about is how the Prison folk are going to take the news of Carol being cast out. Rick seems pretty upset by the decision himself, but he knows he had to do what was right. Others might not realize this and could take it another way. With Daryl’s run being delayed due to Bob, will they make it back in time to help the sick and will the medicine work? Big questions are going to be answered in the next couple of episodes that will greatly affect the entire prison community. Either way, I cannot wait as this is the best episode of the season since the premiere and I am looking forwarded to what the series has in store for us next.

3.5 out of 5 Stars


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      1. Christo Max November 4, 2013 at 6:22 am

        “He tells Carol to leave the group and never return. He explains that she didn’t need to make a decision to kill Sasha…”

        I think you mean Karen.

        • Zacho Buns November 4, 2013 at 4:06 pm

          Yeah, you’re right *Staples hand*.

      2. Faith Rightout November 4, 2013 at 7:26 am

        Wrong title for the episode.

        • Zacho Buns November 4, 2013 at 7:51 am

          I just looked it over. “Indifference” is definitely the title of the 4th episode of Season 4. Unless I am missing something here.

      3. Dixon November 4, 2013 at 9:19 pm

        Article seems poorly written. Phrasing is awkward and takes an almost elementary approach in describing the narrative of the episode. I feel as if this is what my 8 year old cousin would tell me when recapping the episode.