Watch 8 Minutes of DayZ Footage

Jason McDonald

“DayZ” creator Dean Hall is truly a man of the people.  The idea of showing a pre-alpha build of an unreleased game to the general public would make most game developers recoil in fear.  Not Dean Hall, though, who has bravely put up eight minutes of raw gameplay footage to whet the appetite of “DayZ” fans looking for an update.

When “DayZ” was given life as a free mod for the military sim ArmA 2, I don’t think anyone could have imagined it would spawn such a rabid fanbase.  However, the game scratched an itch that zombie enthusiasts were feeling right between their shoulder blades.  Taking the sim-like mechanics of the military game and applying them to a zombie survival mode proved to be an incredibly addictive experience.

The mod drew so much attention that ArmA 2 developer Bohemia Interactive decided to help Hall create a full-fledged game based around the mod.  “DayZ” is still a long ways off from being released, but Hall and crew are working hard to keep the community connected and informed about the development.  The footage released below is one of the ways they’ve done this.

Below is eight minutes of pre-alpha footage, which means it shows the game in early stages of development.  Most developers don’t like to show off these parts of a game because they often include a multitude of glitches and often look have rough looking textures.  However, this game is looking gorgeous for an alpha-build.  It’s still undercooked, but the delicious zombie survival aroma is starting to waft through the air.


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