Zero Budget Zombie Movie ‘Death Walks’ Trailer Channels Classic Romero

Herner Klenthur

Spencer Hawken just emailed us to share the trailer for his nearly complete Zombie film ‘Death Walk’s. If there is one thing I have a soft spot for its indie zombie films. Especially those that are done right like Scott C Phillips indie zombie adventure ‘Stink of Flesh’

Spencer Hawkins new film has its limitations ( namely its budget ) but from the trailer provided it has its highlights. He writes to us saying;

I am just about to complete filming on a movie called Death Walks. Death Walks is a zero budget (100% genuinly zero budget) horror movie set in an East London shopping centre.

The film is primarily aimed at the zombie audience, however there is something uniquely different about Death Walks.

Despite the zero budget, I honestly feel we have some big budget production values, as well as looking very good we have a great cast that includes Lucinda Rhodes (Dream Team, Fall Of The Essex Boys), Francesca Ciardi (Cannibal Holocaust) and Jessie Williams star of BBC children’s shows Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground.

Everything involved in the creation of the movie has come to us free of charge, by simply using persuasion, this even includes insurance.

Our goal is to prove that if you have the real want to make a movie, you can, so those amazing ideas that you might have can become a reality, and in making Death Walks we prove you truly can.

I think that Spencer has tapped into the old school Romero look and feel and I would suggest he is clearly inspired by him. Although the film has no budget the trailer is quite solid all be it far to long winded. Checkout the trailer below and support indie horror by sharing it with your friends.


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