Check Out the VGX Trailer for The Witcher 3

Jason McDonald

Did you watch Spike TV’s VGX award show? Oh, you poor soul.  I watched about two of hours of it and found Joel McHale’s awkward humor to be pretty entertaining, but the whole dynamic of the show just felt off.  Everything felt unprepared and hastily thrown together.  There was a distinct lack of chemistry between the co-hosts and an award show feels pretty lackluster when there isn’t an audience to applaud the recipient.

However, the main draw of the VGX isn’t really the awards (which are nice), but it’s the exclusive world premiere trailers that Geoff Keighley gets his hands on.  There were quite a few impressive trailers (especially “No Man’s Sky” which you should check out here), but the one that suits our interests was the release of a new teaser trailer for “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”.

The trailer doesn’t reveal too much, as it clocks in at a little over a minute, but it still manages to be metal as hell.  Check out this line: “I saw a ship made out of the claws of dead men.” What the hell does that mean? I don’t know!  But it’s AWESOME. Check it out below.


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