Hacker Unleashes Real Life Skynet Hijacks Drones!

Herner Klenthur

Those of us old enough to have seen the original Terminator in theaters remember the true terror of SKYNET as the machines we designed to protect us rose up to destroy civilization. You would think that James Cameron’s masterpiece on the price of smart machines of war would have taught us something but true to form it has not.

Over the years various military companies have worked on drones which will one day completely replace human combatants in war zones. Each and every time they brag about their newest war machines my skin crawls at the inevitable doomsday event.

We already have drones that are flying missions instead of real pilots and in South Korea they have drones protecting the border with North Korea that are fully armed and can detect enemy troops and dispatch them without any risk to a real soldier.

That is all scary stuff but not nearly as scary as how Samy Kamkar has just developed a system called ‘SkyJack’ which enables him to hijack drones and literally take them over.

Samy Kamkar who is a technology wizard and hacker turned security consultant has created a drone which scans for other nearby drones, hijacks their controls and takes complete command and control of the drone. He does it using a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 which is a small drone which anyone can buy on Amazon for under $300.

Parrot AR drone

Kamkar’s modified drone scans the air around it for IEEE-registered MAC addresses it de-authenticates the current drones control computer and takes over the drone giving it new command and control orders turning it into a zombie drone that follows pre-set commands.

I do not know what is scarier the fact he was able to build this so easily or the fact he could do it for literally a few hundred dollars. Did I mention the software he built to do this has been released for anyone and everyone to download off the net?

Sammy Kamkar FYI is the same guy who took down Myspace in 2005 with his prowess at all things code!

Companies continue to brag about their evolution of war machines and I am sure I am not the only average joe who is scared to death. Where is the government on these issues?

According to Business Insider at least one mid level military commander is concerned over the evolution of a real life Skynet. Army Lt. Col. Douglas Pryer did release a well titled report ‘The Rise Of The Machines: Why Increasingly ‘Perfect’ Machines Help Perpetuate Our Wars And Endanger Our Nations’ in which he says quote;

[The U.S. seems bound to develop] robots so advanced that they make today’s Predators and Reapers look positively impotent and antique. These killer robots, though, will share one thing in common with their primitive progenitors: with remorseless purpose, they will stalk and kill any human deemed “a legitimate target” by their controllers and programmers.

Military commanders and large corporate entities need to stop and think about the unforseen consequences of war machines like those that Lt. Col Douglar Pryer speaks of.

In the future it wont necessarily be a matter of two countries stockpiling Terminators to crush each other on a distant battle field. Instead it could be one empire protected by Terminators being undone by a 13 year old hacker who has not developed a sense of morality yet and sees taking over command control through wireless and obliterating an entire society as a fun saturday afternoon.

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      1. S David Staggs December 9, 2013 at 8:52 pm

        I fully agree with you, Herner! I’ve read about this recently. And it’s not just a matter of them getting hacked…I read about some having such advanced A.I. it’s scary. Who’s to say they don’t just eventually become self aware and act on their own and do as they wish?
        And this isn’t the only way the govt and corporations are playing with fire…add to this the viral, bacterial research they do. Creating new viruses and breeding them. That’s a disaster waiting to happen as well. It’s almost like they want a doomsday. All it takes is something falling into the wrong hands…or a virus escaping…or intentionally being released by a wackjob.

      2. Ed December 10, 2013 at 1:33 pm

        I agree that it’s dangerous, but still think it’s a good idea.If we use robots to fight wars, less innocent people die.So as long as they can keep them under control, fine with me.