Movie Based on Ouija Board Game Finds Lead Actor

Jason McDonald

When it comes to adapting board games into movie franchises the success rate has proven to be spotty, at best.  At the top of the heap there’s “Clue”, one of the most ingenious adaptations of a board game property.  At the bottom, resting on the ocean floor, is “Battleship” which flopped so hard at the box office I thought it would sink other board game adaptations.  However, undeterred by that mistake, Hasbro is pushing forward with a movie based on their line of Ouija boards.

The film, which has been in production for some time, seems to be gaining traction with the recent addition of a lead actor.  Deadline broke the news that Daren Kagasoff (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”) has signed on to play the role of “Trevor, the handsome boyfriend who is skeptical about reaching out to their dead friend.”

Helming the project will be Juliet Snowden and Stiles White, who previously worked on “Knowing” and “The Possession”.  Jason Blum, Brad Fuller, Andrew Form, Brian Goldner, and Michael Bay will serve as producers on the film.  No word on whether or not the Ouija board will erupt into a giant ball of fire at the end of the movie.

According to Deadline, the film “follows a group of teens playing with a Ouija board, making contact with an evil spirit, and desperately trying to close the door they’ve opened before meeting their own fate.”  Originally it was to be a big budget spectacle, much like “Jumanji”, but perhaps the recent failure of “Battleship” has pushed Universal to take a more calculated risk on a film like this.  Besides, mic0-budget horror films are all the rage these days.

Daren Kagasoff


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      1. paul December 5, 2013 at 10:27 pm

        That would be a great movie

      2. Matt Cary December 5, 2013 at 10:45 pm

        What about the Witchboard movies