The Queen Mary to Star in New Film

Jason McDonald

I mean, the ship isn’t actually starring in the film, but it will be the centerpiece of a new thriller from Ubiquity Studios.

Ubiquity Studios has been in the entertainment industry for years, however, this new Queen Mary film is set to kick off their excursion into feature films.  Variety is reporting that the project will be written by Gary Dauberman, who previously worked on the 2008 film “Swamp Witch” and is currently attached to the New Line feature “Crawlspace.”

Right now the only thing we know about the film is that it’ll be exploring the Queen Mary’s rich history and that Ubiquity CEO Chris Carmichael is calling it “‘The Shinning’ on a ship.” Alright Chris, you had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.

Those of you that live outside of California or who aren’t up to date on your naval history might not know what the Queen Mary is, so here’s a brief history lesson from someone who has recently read the Wikipedia article.

The Queen Mary is currently a popular tourist attraction located in Long Beach, California.  Before The Queen found herself permanently docked, though, she was a world-class cruise liner that first set sail in 1936.  However, even the prestigious ship wasn’t immune to the draft when World War 2 came around and the The Queen was recommissioned as a transport vessel taking soldiers to and from.  Thanks to her speed and a fresh coat of navy grey paint, The Queen earned a new nickname: The Grey Ghost.

On one fateful voyage in December 1942, The Queen was carrying a record number of 16,082 troops from New York to Great Britain.  This nearly turned out to be a monumental disaster when the boat was hit by a 92 foot tall rogue wave that put the ship at a 52 degree angle, nearly capsizing her.  The incident then inspired writer Paul Gallico to pen “The Poseidon Adventure”, which was then turned into the movie which featured The Queen Mary as the titular ship.

The Queen was retired in 1967 and has since been a source of many ghost tales and haunting testimonials.  It’s also the home of a pretty incredible Halloween attraction.  There’s certainly plenty of ways one could extract an excellent thriller from the history of The Queen, it’ll be interesting to see what direction writer Gary Dauberman takes.

I’ve attached a promotional video for the Queen Mary at the bottom.  It’s just an ad, but it does give you an idea of how the ship looks.

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      1. kXnPunk December 17, 2013 at 9:00 pm

        Hopefully there won’t be stupid lines like “I’m the king of the world.” in it. LOL
        But I’m very interested in this, love haunted boats stories. Thanks for the heads up. :)