Sin City and The Mist Possibly Coming to TV

Jason McDonald

The Weinstein Company is looking to branch out and expand beyond the domain of movies and into the realm of television.  The production company, which has produced oscar winning films, is hoping to find equal success with TV and they’re looking at a couple of fan favorites to accomplish that goal.

In an interview with the New York Times, the Weinstein brothers discussed their plans to try and break into the burgeoning TV demographic.  While nothing is really set in stone, there are plans to diversify their TV portfolio and try to bring shows to Netflix, cable, and basic television.

Among the shows they are considering includes a TV adaptation of Frank Darabont’s version of “The Mist”.  According to the interview, it would be a “10-part series”.  However, there’s no indication if it would follow the same story or if it would simply be set in the world of “The Mist”.  Given how finely crafted the movie is, I think I’d rather see a collection of tales that showcase other misadventures that took place during the incident shown in the film.

Verging slightly from horror, Bob Weinstein also indicated that he wanted to bring “Sin City” to the small screen.

Mr. Weinstein said he was also hoping to quickly follow the August release of the film “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,” directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, with a “Sin City” television series from Mr. Miller and Mr. Rodriguez.

Since “Sin City” is a collection of random and, sometimes, intersecting stories it would seem better suited for a TV adaptation than something like “The Mist”.  However, the content of both productions seem hardly appropriate for basic television.  While “The Mist” would work on any cable channel, I wonder if “Sin City” would find it’s way to a place like HBO or Netflix.

Also worth mentioning is that Wes Craven might take part in a series based around the Ten Commandments.  In the series, the commandments given to Moses will be depicted by different directors.  I assume there could be up to ten directors involved in this project, but for now the list includes: Wes Craven, Madonna(?), Lee Daniels, and Ryan Coogler.

I don’t know if Craven’s particular commandment episode will feature any of his trademark horror, but I’ll be interested in seeing how he handles a subject matter like this.

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      1. Wes Chadwick December 2, 2013 at 2:32 pm

        I’d actually be excited about “the mist”.