Zombie Kettlebells : Get Fit For the End of Days

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I love me some nerdy goodness and these zombie kettle bells that come in a variety of weights fit the bill. The manufacturer of these beauties a company called Onnit is calling them ‘Zombie Bells’. Imagine that?

They are just like regular Kettle Bells but they have really cool zombie faces carved into them. As with all things they are in limited supply so if you wanna work and out look good doing it you better move fast.

I love working out with Kettle Bells especially doing the ‘snatch’ technique which separates the men from the boys. You can get all kinds of details on these very cool kettle balls on their official site here.

Tallahassee said it best however when he pointed out when is the last time you saw a Lion limber up before it ripped out the throat of its prey? Zombie Kettlebells : Get Fit For the End of Days

Zombie Kettlebells : Get Fit For the End of Days

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