[Book Review] Snowpiercer: The Escape

Chris Savage

Snowpiercer NovelLet this be a lesson for many of you, especially if you’re like myself. Please go check out the original works from which many movies are based upon. Whether its a short, a novel or a comic, they harbor such treasures that a film may not be able to put to screen and it’s just a wonderful feeling.

So, that brings me to the upcoming flick, Snowpiercer, which has already received such rave reviews from Korea and France, and now we wait ever patiently for its release sometime this year. But while we wait, the wonderful folks over at Titan have unleashed  the first volume, entitled Snowpiercer: The Escape.

What makes this so special is that this is the first time in nearly 32 years that the graphic novel is available in English, and boy was it worth the wait, it’s just awesome and thanks to Titan, it even comes in a beautiful hardback edition which just enhances all its glory.

The story takes place in the near-future where the world has been engulfed by a bitter ice age, created by a man-made cataclysmic event, and the last of humanity resides on a beast of a train. This monster is their only saving grace from the harsh world outside, from which the train harbors one thousand and one carriages.

However, while this may be their salvation, the carriages are separated via class. Up front near the engine where the heat generates, this is where the higher ranking population spend their days in luxury, while the other classes are left to fight for survival and from disease which runs rampant furthest back.

But within the confines of this awesome piece of machinery lies a man, a man by the name of Proloff. Where others have died a painful death, Proloff, somehow manages to escape the very last carriage by smashing through a window and clinging to the side of the train to gain access to the mid-section. A feat no one has seen before.

But upon his arrival he is captured by the guards, which stalk the corridors of the train and he is soon put straight into quarantine, due to fear that he may have an illness/disease, which could infect everyone on-board. Upon his capture, a young beautiful woman named Adeline, comes to his aid while sneaking past the guards into his quarantine.

However, soon they’re caught, but the President is interested in the two and from here on out, they make their journey to the front of the train, but a revolution is starting and Proloff and Adeline are at the forefront. Soon, the train becomes a hive of uprising, but what is the fate of our two heroes and of course the remainder of humanity?

Well, I suggest you add this one to your wish list, as it is beautifully put together, told simply in black and white with deep illustrations and a story that will have your attention throughout. At times the story seems bleak, but it is cut up with some great humor and witty dialogue.

If you’re like myself and yet to know the story of Snowpiercer, I recommend you check this one out before the film hits later this year, as this is nothing short of awesome.

Snowpiercer: The Escape is created by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette, which was originally released in France in 1982, but thanks to Titan, you guys can check this one out in English this January 28th in either hardback (£14.99) or paperback (£9.99).

The film, which is based upon this graphic novel stars Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Alison Pill, John Hurt, Ed Harris, Song Kang-ho, and Octavia Spencer.

5 / 5 stars     


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