Early Details and Poster for Eaters

Chris Savage

For you guys today, we have a new intriguing film for you guys to keep your eyes upon, and while we have some early details it still isn’t a whole lot to go on, but at least it is something.

From 13 Films comes Johnny Tabor’s Eaters, which is currently in post-production and is expected to be released this year. Head on down below for the synopsis and the first poster from the upcoming film.

SynopsisIn 1974, five friends embark across the United States for a friend Jude (Robert Dean), who has just returned from Vietnam. When they cross paths with The Demons, a local biker gang at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico, one of the five friends goes missing. After a heated confrontation with The Demons, they discover they may have jumped to conclusions far too soon. Now pursued by a self-made antagonist, and with tempers flaring high and fuel running low, the friends find out the worst of this nightmare has yet to come. Some call it a myth, others a legend, but the locals call it folklore.

Eaters Poster


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