Official Teaser Trailer & Poster for Hi-8

Chris Savage

Hi-8 PosterOh the carnage. Oh the beautiful carnage! This my friends is the upcoming anthology film Hi-8, and not a single spec of CGI will be found. This is all practical effects, and yes, this sucker has buckets of the red stuff. Care to learn more?

Head on down below for the first official teaser trailer and poster.

From the Press Release:

Hi-8 is produced by Brad Sykes, Josephina Sykes, and Tim Ritter. The directors’ lineup is Tim Ritter (Truth or Dare), Brad Sykes (Camp Blood), Marcus Koch (100 Tears), Ron Bonk (The Vicious Sweet), Donald Farmer (Savage Vengeance), Todd Sheets (Zombie Bloodbath), Chris Seaver (Filthy McNasty), and Tony Masiello (SOV: The True Independents).

Producer Brad Sykes got the idea for the anthology while working on SRS Cinema’s upcoming VHS/DVD release of his feature The Pact, which was shot on the Hi-8 format back in 1995 while Sykes was still a college student. He missed those days of carefree filmmaking and approached Tim Ritter with the idea, who already had the Hi-8 title and concept ready to go. Together, they began contacting filmmakers, eventually forming the Hi-8 team.

While Hi-8 allows each filmmaker total creative freedom, there are a few basic ground rules to follow: no found footage, no HD or DSLRs, no greenscreen or CGI. All the shorts were shot on location with practical makeup effects.

What everyone should expect from Hi-8 is a return to good and gory horror storytelling, old school, but with a twist. Many of the participating filmmakers directed some of the very first SOV horror movies, and Hi-8 is an attempt to recapture the excitement and creativity of those pre-DVD, pre-Internet years.

So, guys, what is your opinion on this one?


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      1. kXn Punk January 30, 2014 at 12:38 pm

        Looks like a promising fun Gore ride really. :) Thanks guys for all the great work you do, I WORSHIP YOU!!! :)

      2. Jeff Carson January 30, 2014 at 3:09 pm


      3. james January 30, 2014 at 3:29 pm

        I have a lot of trouble watching movies that have been shot on a handycam … It doesn’t cost a lot to rent a decent camera for a movie these days. I just don’t get it. It really cheapens the whole experience.