[Book Review] Snowpiercer Vol. 2 – The Explorers

Chris Savage

Snowpiercer The ExplorersWith the big-screen adaptation of Snowpiercer set to finally hit the U.S. hopefully very soon. The wonderful folks over at Titan Comics are unleashing the original graphic novel in English for the very first time, and it is nothing short of awesome. It has been a great ride, and thankfully I was lucky to check out the second part which is simply titled, Snowpiercer 2: The Explorers.

Continuing on from Snowpiercer 1: The Escape, this time we find ourselves on Snowpiercer 2 or how many call it the ‘Icebreaker’, as it turns out the first Snowpiercer was a prototype, and the new model is far more advanced. It’s incredible high-tech compared to its predecessor and much more self-sustaining.

The new train is much more organised, and the passengers have it much more easier than the original train. It is complete with practically everything you could need, from lemon farms, all the way to virtual holidays, this sucker has it all.

But, with great luxuries comes a price. Snowpiercer 2 is on the same track as the first train, and many believe they’re on a collision course. But, unlike the original train, the new Snowpiercer has the ability to break, well I say break, it slows down just enough so the explorers can venture onto the frozen Earth. Although, many of the explorers are dead before they even step foot onto the ground as the train continues to hurl even the train slows down by the slightest margin.

While the explorers risk their lives in the icy world, the ones left on-board are controlled by the council, every inch of their lives are monitored in big-brother style. It’s a bleak look into what could be the future if the world was engulfed in this icy blanket.

Compared to the first part, the illustrations appear to be more defined and the social commentary continues throughout, but I wasn’t as gripped by the story compared to the first part. However, it was still an excellent read and definitely one you need to check out if you have read Snowpiercer 1: The Escape. it is quite different compared to the first part, but it continues that dystopian feel with excellent precision. I say, check them out before you see the big-screen adaptation.

Unfortunately, Jacques Lob passed just after the first volume and Benjamin Legrand stepped in and did an awesome job, along with original contributor Jean-Marc Rochette. I’m pretty sure Lob would be very pleased with how the novel continued.

Snowpiercer 2: The Explorers is set for release via Titian Comics this February 25th.

4 / 5 stars     


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