Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 Review

Richard L. Haas III

The second half of this season has really stepped up storytelling and filmmaking wise. Last week’s episode had basically a flashback with Michonne while this episode opened with a narration by Beth. These storytelling devices are often overused in modern media, but when they are featured for pretty much the first time in a program in four years, it’s actually quite interesting. I wonder if they are resorting to those tactics because they are running out of ideas to progress the story in the same fashion they have been, or simply because they want to engage the viewers in more creative ways. I’d personally like to believe the latter.

So we open with Daryl and Beth, which actually felt very strange. Both felt very out of character. Beth was overly hopeful, something that she hasn’t seemed to be in a while, and Daryl was a bit of a Debbie Downer, not expecting anyone to still be alive. Although Daryl has always been more so of a realist, he’s never been so much of a pessimist. But he plays along with Beth and becomes the tracker, looking for Mika, Lizzie and the others, actually stumbling upon their tracks.

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We back track in time here to see Mika, Lizzie, Tyrese and unbelievably Judith (which I think we can all agree was absolutely surprising— something I didn’t expect especially basing it off the comics). Lizzie appears to have retained her innocence, and I guess you can say the same about Tyrese (and Judith by default); but Mika on the other hand has evolved into Carol Jr. by basically almost smothering the baby, which I will admit that was probably one most disturbing and tense senses The Walking Dead has had in years. For once I was actually happy that Carol showed her face and muddled into things. Fortunately she didn’t feel the need to burn Judith into a crisp because crying and coughing are two totally different things. But it will be interesting to see the how the whole Tyrese/Carol thing progresses because Tyrese still has no idea what she did.

Furthering the broken groups we meet Sasha, Bob, and randomly Maggie. Maggie at this point only really cares to see Glen and meet up with him. So she has the most motivation, Sasha doesn’t have nearly as much motivation to see Tyrese as I thought she would, and Bob doesn’t have any motivation for anything— even alcohol. When Maggie came across the bus and hacked pretty much every walker in there, she was doing that because of her love for Glen. But it’s a bit strange that she wouldn’t think to go back to the prison to look for him, being that he was passed out there and everything.

Meanwhile, Glen naturally awakens at the prison. In his heart he feels the same passion to see Maggie as she has for him. That being said, the rest of this season is probably going to similar to the whole Jin/Sun separation arch on LOST, and some how they will magically find each other like Rick and Lori once did. Let’s just hope Maggie doesn’t get pregnant and give birth at a prison. Regardless his motivation is strong even when meeting Tara Chambler (Lily’s sister whom the Governor met and traveled with towards the end) who was in shock of what happened during the prison attack. Glen gets her to help him out, but she is in no way as confident as he his in meeting up with the others, Maggie, or just simply surviving.

And of course the episode ends with Glen and Tara meeting Rosita Espinosa, Sgt. Abraham Ford and Dr. Eugene Porter instead of Rick and Carl meeting them like they did in the comics. This was an expected tease for anyone who knew that the characters were coming up, but all in all it’s actually really exciting. With the inclusion of new characters, it opens a whole new door, especially with this pairing of individuals. Last episode was absolutely amazing, but it ran too close to the comics. This week, however, appears to be remixing the comics a little better by mix-matching the groups and such. Although this episode started off a bit slow and some of the characters felt a bit off, it seems like they are back on to the right track and balance of plot and character development and I couldn’t be more excited to see what will come next.


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      1. Tiago February 17, 2014 at 7:55 pm

        Great episode.
        Beth has become more a person of faith cause she just lost her father, Hershel had faith for all of them, and when people loose someone like that, they tend to hold on to that person’s faith.

      2. JD February 17, 2014 at 8:32 pm

        Something just doesn’t make sense in this series. How in the hell in such a short time, everyone has days of side tracking? It all seem that they just left the prison 15min ago but they all have a back story as to where they were 15min ago which seem like days.

        • First Time Poster Long Time Watcher February 18, 2014 at 6:57 pm


          I agree as the timeline for each character seems a bit convoluted; however, my take on the situation was as follows:

          -Rick and Carl: The two would have been walking for several days as they seemingly fell across several towns that have yet to be raided by them, The Governors camp, or Woodbury. Furthermore, it shows several nights go by while the two are together until Michonne finds them.

          -Michonne: I feel like Michonne came back to the prison almost immediately after the initial attack had transpired as she is one of the few capable of surviving such an overly infested area; she was also one of the few aware that the human threat had been eliminated entirely. Since no one else was in any kind of shape to immediately go back to the prison, she’d left assuming no one had stayed there. There will need to be several “coincidences” to have the characters all meet up again, so Michonne stumbling upon Rick & Carl’s trail is a bit of a deus ex machina especially because she was seen in a daze walking with the Walkers; however, this is a necessary evil for the story to progress so it’s more than palatable.

          -Daryl and Beth: I agree with Haas that the two seemed completely out of character from their respective proactive & cold attitudes, though I suppose it can be chalked up to the trauma that they each went through (particularity the loss of baby Judith AKA Lil’ Asskicker). I feel like these two were paired up for a classic “Ultimate Badass & Hot Badass in the Making” combo which will certainly please the audiences- this guy included. What I loved about their story was the fact that it shown them finding the tracks of, at the point, unknown survivors, and then finding the remains; something that set the tension in the next scene up beautifully.

          As for the timeline, the opening scene had the Beth voice over showing the two running until they couldn’t run any longer… and then run a little bit more until finally they collapsed. I suppose you could argue Daryl is one of the few who could survive an area as infested with Walkers like Michonne, but Michonne didn’t have a teenage girl to look out for or slow him down. Clearly they didn’t get too far as they were actually 4 hours behind Tyrese, a baby, and two young children.

          -As much as I love the Tyrese-Carol thing (particularly due to their often strained relationship in the comics) that is going on, I feel like it was the most obvious story arc since The Governor turned out to be a psycho. Not to take anything away from the story because it IS a great sub-plot to the show giving 5 characters very interesting roles; however, I have to respectfully disagree with Haas on one thing: no way Carol murdered the two earlier in the season. ***COMIC SPOILERS*** In the books, after the prison, there are two small twin boys, one which turns out to a be a murderous sociopath that ends up mutilating and killing his little brother. Carl makes the difficult yet necessary decision to kill the young boy after Rick and the adults have no clue what to do… hilarity ensues ***COME SPOILER OVER***. The feel the two young girls have merely taken the place of the twins, which is quite evident by Mika’s need to snuff out life which has been hinted at all season long: the rats, the rat in the basement that had been pinned up like a science experiment, the fascination with the Walkers, the inability to see the difference between the Walkers’ lives and human lives, murdering the incredibly trusting and stupid rabbits, etc. This, of course, all stemmed from watching her father die and having to give him the Ol’ Yellar treatment. My theory is that Carol did not murder the two earlier in the season… it was the Mika. She saw the two who were infected just the same as Carol had shown Mika her father once he was infected. They needed to be put down and since no one else was going to to it, then she would. She stabbed the two who were sick, Carol finds the bodies, drags them out to the yard to burn the evidence, takes the blame… hilarity ensues. They even attempted to show a small bloody hand-print when Rick was investigating the crime scene; however, I felt they missed with it because there was no way we could gauge the size of it or who it could have belonged to.

          As for their time-line, clearly they couldn’t have gone back to the prison nor would they be moving to fast. It shows them camping at night, so they were at least 36 hours out. I do feel they found the radio signal a little fast because I feel Woodbury or the prison would have stumbled across something leading them to the outpost… semantics.

          P.S. Baby Judith was a huge surprise… but I’m happy they didn’t drag it out until the last episode of the season.

          Maggie, Sasha, and Bob: Shows them heading back to the prison as indicated by the road sign “Hitchikers may be escaping inmates” so clearly they were on the right track… they find the bus that must have had somebody who had been shot while escaping turn and somehow kill every last one of them… which seemed a little farfethced. Maggie laughing was wierd… I don’t care that it’s because Glenn wasn’t on the bus… she knew all these people that she just had to destroy and she’s laughing… seems like the wrong kind of reaction for her character to have.

          Glenn: He would only have been out for under an hour or so as the fires are all still blazing and finds Tara sitting there wide awake looking as she did during the fight. I’m assuming they JUST missed Michonne but are long gone as they wer picked up by Sgt. Abe (regardless of how campy they looked, what an awesome scene… didn’t think they were going to pop up quite yet and find Glenn of all people).

          Anyways… I wrote enough… hope this helps.

      3. Maddie February 19, 2014 at 3:38 am

        I started watching Walking Dead cause of the zombies and I read the first 3 trades. Now I watch it only for the zombies. Since for the life of me I cant figure out how anyone on the show lasted pass a week in zombieworld. The people are so beyond stupid that they should all be dead or re-alive by now. I would point out the dumb of past seasons….but I will just stick with the last show that aired….
        I was bored with the show and stupid is what I yelled at the screen.
        How can Maggie kill like 10 walkers on her own (not counting the ones the other two killed) while 3 guys at the railroad tracks can’t kill 5 walkers? And the railroad people…wtf? They are walkers, not zombies from 28 days later. They are slow dead. Just run around them or walk around them and keep moving on. Youre in open space, just go! Instead they fight and die. Its just stupid.
        And when the lil girls are left in the forest while Tyrese goes and helps the railroad people…you really couldn’t bring the kids with you?? You really think its better to leave them just standing in the woods than to have them by your side or near you? Thats like saying in a horror movie “Ill be right back!”
        I mean really the whole group is stupid. You been living in the prison for a while. You know there are people that want in (like the gov). You mean to tell me with all those days there, never once did someone say “Ok…we live here, BUT if anything ever happens to the prison and we need to get away…this is were we will all meet up!” I mean Rick was limping around and they were able to get to a house but Daryl the bad ass of the group is camping with a fire? By the way. The houses Rick and Carl find… You are gonna tell me that all those time Daryl and michone when out looking for supplies….they never came across those house. And dont say there are loads of homes that most likely were never gone thru. Yes, maybe but Rick was walking on foot limping. They didnt walk days and days away from the prison. They are far enough that those houses would have been looked thur. But Ill let that part slide since its possible.
        To Glenn…..oh glenn I dont care how much riot gear your wearing…all those zombie…if they bite you or not…you are not getting out of that huddle he was in. NO way! If he could then he should been a pro football player cause that scene looked like the crap from a looney toon cartoon where everyone jumps on bugs and then you see bugs get out while the others keep jumping on the pile. They would have all fell on him and he would be down. Getting bit or not, is not the prob. Getting tackled by 25-30 walkers…your not getting out of that pile. No way is he running out of there like that. Why didn’t he do what he did in season one and rub some dead on his riot gear and he would be able to just walk thru them with 0 trouble. I mean if michone can walk 2′ behind two walkers without being notice (Which is still bull) then why not do what you did in season one. It worked then til it rained….which it hasnt done since that ep.
        So he goes running and he sees the girl just sitting in the lil fence area. They were worried about 30 or so zombie knocking over the big fence to the prison when all the humans were all the way from them….but this girl is alone about 12″ from a tiny fence and not one walker is trying to get in. There should have been 100s on that fence. Stupid.
        So Glenn gets in and then throws the cocktail at the car to make the fire and the zombies go to it? What? When did dead hunger for flesh, easily walk away from two fresh meals for fire?? Fire? Really?
        Why didnt they ever use fire to get the walkers away from the prison in the past? Sound like that would have been a smart idea if it works…..WHICH IT NEVER SHOULD! They are dead. Even if you lite them on fire they will still come at you. This whole fire thing is the biggest cop out of bad writting.
        And it tookl them 9 months atleast to find the prison. but it takes Carol, what a day to find her way back or very close to the prison. A prison Rick, being a cop that didnt know it was there. And we know it was close. We watched him, carl and michone drive back to his hometown. So be it a hour or even two away….thats not far enough that a cop didnt know a prison was close.
        These new two shows are just dragging and are boring and drenched in not believable, even in a walker world. Its so unbelievable that after atleast 2 years being in the walker world these people can’t get their act more together.

        Put it like this….remove the zombies. And this is a piss poor horrible boring and badly written show. I watch it now as a chore. I gotta wash the dishs, Cut the lawn and watch Walking Dead. If not for the zombies….Im out.