Who Will Play Barbarella in the Remake?

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Back in 2012 it was announced that Gaumont International Television and producer Martha De Laurentiis were teaming up with  Nicolas Refn (Drive) to deliver a Barbarella TV series and since then its been an on again off again affair.

Amazon has recently ordered a pilot which may or may not be turned into a series with Nicolas Refn at the helm according to Deadline. Replacing the role of Jane Fonda is no easy feat but a few women have the acting chops and the looks to pull it off.

We have some ideas on actresses who can play Barbarella, not that we need another one.

Lesser known New Zealander Zoe Bell is not only a looker but tough as nails and got her break originally as a stunt woman with bigger balls than most men. She has proven that she has plenty of talent and if you want somebody to take on the role and bring a new angle to the character Zoe Bell would definitely do that.

Who Will Play Barbarella in the Remake?

Another good choice would be Kiele Sanchez who starred in the tv series LOST as well as the fantastic vampire sequel 30 Days of Night Dark Days. Not only is she stunning and voluptuous but she is an incredibly talented actress who is also great at playing a multi dimensional character.

Who Will Play Barbarella in the Remake?

Another solid choice would be Rhona Mitra who was relegated to doing bit parts before Neil Marshall head lined her talents in Doomsday. An absolute looker who at one point was  a real life model for ‘Laura Croft’ she has a sexy accent and has played the female version of Snake Plissken ala ‘Doomsday’.

Who Will Play Barbarella in the Remake?

Given that this Barbarella remake is a TV series you will not be luring in any huge names but these three lesser known and talented actresses could absolutely fit the bill. Who would you like to see play Barbarella in the pilot on AMAZON?

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      1. geo4855 February 9, 2014 at 12:59 am

        1.Jennifer Love Hewitt 2.Kaley Cuoco 3.Anne Heche

      2. David John March 15, 2014 at 10:12 am

        Nathalie Emanuelle is the only possible choice for Barbarella II