Bethesda Unveils $100 Collector’s Edition for Wolfenstein

Jason McDonald

Here’s an interesting twist on an old favorite.  Video games receiving “collector edition” bundles are the norm now.  No one is particularly shocked when a publisher announces that you’ll be able to spend more money for some cool little trinkets or bonuses.  However, this may be the first time that a collector edition is being sold without the game.

That’s right, Bethesda has announced that they are selling a $100 “Panzerhund Edition” of “Wolfenstein: The New Order” that comes with an assortment of goodies, but no copy of the actual game.  Before you start lighting your torches and sharpening your pitchforks, there’s actually a reasonable explanation behind this move.

Lets say, for example, you prefer buying your games digitally, but you also want to purchase the collector’s edition.  Normally, you’d be forced to buy a hardcopy version of the game in order to get the collector’s edition stuff  and then maybe a digital copy if you really wanted just the digital version.  With this method, you can buy the game anyway you want without worrying about how you get the bonus goodies.

Bethesda also offers another reasonable explanation for why they’re pursuing this method.

This collector’s edition does not include a copy of the game. Keep your pre-order at your favorite retailer and we’ll send you these goodies separately—this way we can ship these boxes worldwide and you’re not stuck waiting for your game to come along with an oversized, expensively shipped box.

This is often a problem that arises when buying these big collector editions.  They often take longer to ship out and don’t arrive on time, so consumers are stuck with a situation where they paid more and got the product late.  It’s not a great trade-off.  So this method bypasses those traditional problems and gives the consumer a bit more choice in how they spend their money.

So what do you get in the “Panzerhund Edition”? Here’s a full breakdown:

  • Wolfenstein®: The New Order™ Panzerhund Edition comes in a vintage footlocker-style box (measuring approximately 20″ x 10.5″ x 8.5″) with a stamped number plate right above the antiqued clasp.
  • A classified folder affixed to the lid containing 11 classified documents (an assortment of maps, case files, and even an x-ray)
  • An 8″ articulated Panzerhund statue. Made of high quality vinyl material (PVC and ABS) the statue is hand painted, includes a base, and strikes a surprisingly menacing pose for a scaled-down replica
  • An exclusive Steelbook, and a set of 14 full-color weathered-looking postcards of the game’s alternate history, bound in a display book.
  • A set of three high-quality, embroidered patches, and a box containing custom molded replica dog tags, looped and knotted on twine string

Thankfully there are no in-game bonuses like exclusive DLC or game-breaking weapons.  It definitely sounds like a package that would appeal to the hardcore Wolfenstein fan.  And, honestly, I think this is the best way to handle a collector’s edition.  It includes nothing that adds to the overall game, but is filled with fun stuff a hardcore fan might want. The “Panzerhund Edition” is limited to 5,000 units.  You can check out more photos and information on the Bethesda store here.

On a related note, Bethesda has also changed the Australian/European release date of “Wolfenstein” to match the North American release date of May 20th.  So now those regions will be getting the game just a bit earlier.

Panzerhund Edition

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      1. Greg March 31, 2014 at 12:56 pm

        This is a misstep in my opinion. The target demo for this set are game collectors. Game collectors will want the actual game, not the digital copy. Secondly, if there is a problem with your supply chain not delivering product on time, you fix the problem. You don’t look for a work around where you can say, sorry it’s late, but it didn’t include the game so what does it matter. Also this set is $100, so we are to assume that they would want to charge $150 if the included the game which is way overpriced for what you receive. Where as $100 for the game and collectibles seems reasonable and in line with other collector’s editions price points.