The Last of Us Sells 6 Million Copies

Jason McDonald

It’s been a big couple of weeks for Naughty Dog’s latest game “The Last of Us.”  After releasing last year to rave reviews, it has gone on to become a financial and culture success.  The culmination of which came this week through a sales milestone and the acquisition of some prestigious awards.

Over on Sony’s Playstation Blog, they posted an article discussing Naughty Dog’s recent achievements and an announcement regarding their upcoming appearance at GDC.  In the announcement they revealed that “The Last of Us” has gone on to sell over six million copies.  For comparison, Naughty Dog’s last high-profile game was “Uncharted 3” and that just recently hit the six million mark.

Selling six million copies certainly isn’t a world record or a staggering number, but it is impressive for a game that isn’t a sequel and that was released on only one console at the tail-end of a generation.  If the franchise continues, I have to imagine this sort of news bodes extremely well for the performance of the next game.

Also making the news regarding “The Last of Us” was their recent performance at the BAFTA Game Awards.  Naughty Dog was the recipient of five awards, including the Best Game and Best Story. You can check out the full list of winners over on the BAFTA website.


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