Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 15 Review

Richard L. Haas III

The reviews are back after a short hiatus and boy has a lot happened. The previous episode though, was arguable the best of this half of the season. I’m not going to lie, but I shed a tear when Lizzie had killed her sister and when Carol had to shoot her. It’s someone ironic because Carol helped progress her psychotic nature. Another fun fact before I get into this episode is that Lizzie’s ideals seem to stem from Carol’s last moments in the comic back in the prison, where she “befriends” a zombie and allows it to kill her.

This episode, however, played it a bit safer. It was a smart choice to begin the episode with Glenn reading the sign that Maggie marked up. Last week was a bit dark and depressing, so the idea that Glenn and Maggie may really be reunited soon was really refreshing. Playing off that, seeing Carl and Michonne goofing off had an equal effect. This notion of almost bubbliness in our hearts didn’t last too long until it faded out for a but it still had a nice effect on the viewer until it came around again.

We jumped back into The Walking Dead flow of things when Daryl began to learn some rules from the hunting men he met, and Rick earlier (for those that read the comics, could this be The Hunters?). It’s an interesting pairing, throwing Daryl in with these guys because many fans of the show automatically label him as a hunter, and the most interesting thing about this set up is that it proves that he isn’t— he’s more than a hunter. Maybe as a loner he could continue to survive as a hunter, but from his experiences with the group and with Beth especially, he is just not that type of person. So that’s why it was hard for him to grasp this “claimed” concept, and of course why he’s caught in a tussle with one of the other guys. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for him, their leader appears to believe in him.

I’m not sure exactly why, but this episode really wanted to remind us that Tara is a lesbian. It’s a small detail that a lot of people could have overlooked; nevertheless they still pounded it in this episode. Within minutes of one of the final jokes, the official Walking Dead Twitter Page had to quote Tara’s rebuttal, “I like girls.” Take that for what you will.

Regardless, the progression with that group was brilliant. Glenn and Tara decided to enter a tunnel, which was extremely reminiscent of The Last of Us video game, and came out having met up with Maggie. The uplifting nature of the opening was reinforced when they reunited. The only thing that had me uneasy was the way Maggie told Glenn to burn her picture because he “wouldn’t have to look at it again” felt a bit odd. I understand what she meant; it just felt like she was turning into Annie Wikes.

On the plus side, they finally made it to Terminus. From the glimpse that we had, it’s obvious that there is potential, but as the hunters told Daryl, a sanctuary isn’t always the best place. So something is bound to go down very soon. All in all, the episode was still amazing— no where near as great as last weeks, but far better than most of what the first half of the season had to offer. I’m very excited for the finale especially since I have no clue what they are going to do. The preview didn’t offer much, so it’s really up to our imagination. As long as it’s not as anti-climactic as last season, I know I will be happy.

What do you guys think is going to happen in the final episode? Will all the groups meet each other again in some way? Or are they going to remain separate? And what ever happened to Beth?


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      1. Tiago March 24, 2014 at 6:20 am

        E14 – was awesome, I’m still shocked, brilliant piece of writing.
        E15 – The gay character is just for political correctness. The sentimental video clips are just boring without real emotion involved. And fu.. Glenn and Maggie, they are really annoying at this point. Specially Glenn, man up dude.
        I think Terminus is a very bad thing judging from Mary, there is something with her and that place.

      2. Luis Alberto Alvarez Font March 26, 2014 at 9:19 pm

        this has,by far been the worse shiz ever. s4 part 2 is nothing but character filler stuff just to buy time for the real episodes that will hopefully be back to full swing next season. nothing but disappointment so far.. they could have condensed everything into maximum 3 episodes, what they have done with 7. no bueno, but i still gots love for ya.