First Official Photo from Turbo Kid!

Chris Savage

A few years ago a great crime occurred. The awesome short T is for Turbo didn’t make its way into the ABCs of Death. Sure it was up against some truly great works, but this just had the makings to be something truly awesome.

However, all is not lost as all is right in the world once more as T is for Turbo is getting the feature film treatment in the form of Turbo Kid and we have the first official still courtesy of our friends over at Twitch.

Not only that, but we have also received word regarding distribtuion, read on for all the details.

From the Press Release:

Producers Anne-Marie Gélinas, Benoît Beaulieu, Ant Timpson and Tim Riley are delighted to announce the official start of production in Montreal of the film Turbo Kid, a Canada (EMAfilms) and New Zealand (T&A Films) co-production.

The Montreal Collective known as Road Kill Super Star (RKSS) – Anouk Whissell, François Simard and Yoann-Karl Whissell – co-wrote the original script and are also co-directing the post-apocalyptic action comedy.

Téléfilm Canada and the New Zealand Film Commission are funding partners while Canadian wunderkind Jason Eisener (Hobo with a Shotgun, ABCs of Death) jumped at the chance to wield his genre-busting hands as Executive Producer. Turbo Kid will be distributed in Quebec by Filmoption International (Gerontophilia, Rock Paper Scissors), in the rest of Canada by Raven Banner (John Dies at the End, Cabin Fever: Patient 0) and in the USA by Epic Pictures Group (V/H/S, Big Ass Spider). Epic Pictures Group is also the film’s international Sales Agent.

Fuelled by offbeat humour with lashings of action and gore Turbo Kid stars the iconic Michael Ironside (Starship Troopers, Scanners) as Zeus, Munro Chambers (Degrassi – The Next Generation, Cracked) as The Kid, Laurence Leboeuf (19-2, Trauma) as Apple, Aaron Jeffery (X-Men Origins) as Frederic, Edwin Wright (Top of the Lake) as Skeletron and Romano Orzari (Omertà) as Bagu.

In a post-apocalyptic parallel future of 1997, an orphaned teenager called The Kid scavenges the Wasteland searching for relics from a better time (the 80s). During one of his expeditions he meets Apple, a

mysterious girl with a rather large secret. As their relationship deepens, they accidentally run afoul of Zeus, the self-proclaimed leader of the Wasteland. Zeus, a sadistically droll maniac who murdered The Kid’s parents, now controls the Wasteland’s most precious commodity: fresh water. When Zeus’ gang kidnaps Apple, The Kid joins forces with Frederick, the laconic leader of the legendary Arm-Wrestling Clan. Armed with little more than blind faith and an ancient turbo-charged weapon, The Kid must fulfill his ultimate destiny: destroy Zeus, avenge his parents’ death and get the girl of his dreams.

When RKSS, Eisener, EMAfilms and T&A Films met at the Fantasia Film Festival’s Frontières International Co-Production Market in July 2012, lightning struck and they became Team Turbo. Their destiny? A Canada/New Zealand co- production that would defy all the rules and set a new bar for splatter comedies.

At its core, Turbo Kid is a hyper-aware slice of hybrid pop-entertainment. One that draws inspiration from Italian post-apocalyptic epics, Peter Jackson splatter comedies, the Mad Max trilogy and 80s fad movies like Thrashin’ yet manages to transform from mere homage to become something completely unique and genuine to the world of genre film.

Turbo Kid Photo


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