Kevin Smith to Take on ‘Anti-Claus’ as Next Film

Jason McDonald

Anti ClausWhile Kevin Smith is still promoting “Tusk”, the man seems to always have an eye on the future.  Late last year we told about you his plans for a Godzilla-style feature about a giant Jesus rapturing humanity.  Then earlier this year he began to tease a new project about the mythical creature Krampus.  And let’s not forget that he has that “Clerks 3” film ready to go.

Now, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we know that the Krampus film will indeed be his next project and he’s already lined up a couple of actors to appear in it.  Justin Long and Haley Joel Osment will re-team with Kevin Smith to star in “Anti-Claus” a film which centers on the Krampus, a mythical creature who deals with naughty children around Christmas time.  In European countries the Krampus is known for  kidnapping bad children and devouring them.  A pretty far departure from the way Santa typically deals with naughty kids.   It was originally reported that the film would be an Anthology, no word on whether or not that’s still true. THR also has the first concept image for the creature, which you can check out down below.

The film is expected to start shooting this September with Robert Kurtzman returning to handle the special effects after having worked with Smith on “Tusk.”  Meanwhile, “Tusk” is set to release sometime this year.  Smith is currently at Cannes trying to shop “Anti-Claus” around to potential buyers.  Personally, I hope they drop the title of “Anti-Claus.”  It lacks a certain weight and, for some reason, makes me think of the Grinch.  Though the concept design couldn’t be further from that.

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