Thrills and Chills- The End of an Era

Jason McDonald

This week is all about endings and beginnings as we take a look at the end of a California treasure and the beginning of the Halloween Haunt season.

Let’s start with the bittersweet news. Earlier this week it was revealed that Six Flags Magic Mountain would be closing down their iconic ride “Colossus.” The news broke in a rather unceremonious way when photos began appearing online of banners announcing the ride’s closure on August 16th, bringing the ride to an end after 36 years of operation.

However, as Semisonic once said in their seminal 90’s classic, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” The end of “Colossus” might be the beginning of an even more interesting monstrosity.  Rocky Mountain Construction, a popular developer of roller coasters, has had a developing relationship with Six Flags over the past few years as they’ve been revitalizing existing coasters for the theme park with their IBox Tracks.

It stands to reason that RMC could continue their relationship with Six Flags and bring this IBox tech to “Colossus.”  I don’t think Six Flags Magic Mountain would really want to scrap one of their most iconic rides, but it does make sense to inject it with new life to attract park goers.  In the long run it could also be cheaper to redo the ride rather than build a whole new attraction.  I imagine as the closure of “Colossus” draws nearer we’ll hear something concrete very soon.  In the meanwhile, check out some of these classic “Colossus” videos:

A popular gimmick associated with roller coasters is to turn the carts backwards, giving the ride a fresh new feeling.  “Colossus” did this recently, perhaps a last gasp of breath before the decision to close it:

Remember when KISS had their epic battle with the Phantoms of the Park? That happened under Colossus.



And while the end of “Colossus” on August 16th could symbolically represent the end of summer (deep), the first signs of Fall and the Haunted House season are upon us.

Earlier this week Universal Studios Hollywood kicked off their Halloween Horror Nights build-up with a new fan contest.  The California-based theme park invited their fans to “Choose Your Scare” with a voting contest to pick the Scare Zone theme to be featured in “French Street.” Voting started on June 4th on their Facebook Page and ends on June 18th.  You can check out the three potential Scare Zones here.  So far it looks like “Mask-a-Raid” is in the lead by a huge margin.

But Universal isn’t the only group gearing up for the Halloween season.  In Pittsburgh, PA the “ScareHouse” is starting construction on this years house and they’ve released a new video that teases the attraction.  Sadly, I’ve never been, but I like the enthusiasm of their creative team. Check it out here.

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