New Official Theatrical Trailer for Charlie’s Farm

Chris Savage

Guys, the next time you’re travelling across the country and perhaps take a detour and notice a sign post stating ‘Charlie’s Farm,’ get your car or what ever it is into gear and get the fuck outta there, this dude does not mess around he will rip you apart, limb from limb!

While the real life scenario sucks, it makes for an awesome horror film, and Chris Sun is delivering just that with his upcoming slasher flick Charlie’s Farm, and yes, this looks sweet, balls to the wall action/horror at its finest. And we have scored the brand new trailer for you guys to check out below.

Charlie’s Farm stars Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Tara Reid, Nathan Jones, and Cameron Caufield.

SynopsisIn an effort to do something different, four friends head into Australia’s outback to explore Charlie’s Farm, the site where a violent family met their end at the hands of an angry mob. Despite all warnings, they persist in their horror-seeking adventure. Once there, the four friends meet other transients and find Charlie’s Farm to be anything but horror inspiring. They are unaware that they are being watched. While exploring the property to prove the myth, they encounter Charlie, who shows them that some legends never die.

This one is expected to hit the U.S. in 2015 via Shoreline Entertainment.


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