The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Finally Comes to Horror

Jason McDonald 1 Comment

It’s come to this. The viral campaign/charity event known as the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” has finally found its way to horror.  Of course, it could have come to horror already, but I haven’t really followed the challenge videos as closely as others.  Still, this is a rather cool set-up that warrants a post.

The Foo Fighters have taken on the ice bucket challenge and have done so in a way that pays tribute to a Stephen King classic.  I won’t tell you which, but you can probably guess.  Check out the video down below.  Part of the ice bucket challenge is to nominate three other people to accept the dare.  In the video the Foo Fighters nominated Jack Black, John Travolta, and Stephen King.  So if King himself should take up the challenge we’ll be back to talk about it.

Ultimately, I hope this leads to someone challenging Elvira.  A man can dream.

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      1. steve August 20, 2014 at 7:53 am

        A pigs blood ICE bucket just what the doctor ordered,nice to see the Foo Fighters do a horror movie scene to do the challenge,good on them.can’t remember Carrie having a beard tho,or did she?