The Drownsman Movie Review

Simon Rother

the-drownsmanA supernatural killer in the likes of Samara Morgan (The Ring) is darkly present in “The Drownsman”, making its world premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival.

Madison is deathly afraid of water. Whether it be a lake, a sink full of water, or even a glass of this natural liquid. You see, Madison nearly drowned a year ago by bumping her head before falling into a lake. While she was out, she had visions of a creepy, menacing man with long, wet, dark hair, hanging limp over his face. The terrifying visions were interrupted when she was brought back on ground and spat out the water that would now frighten her deeply. Today, she is terrified of water and visions of a mythical “Drownsman” have invaded her life, even preventing her from showing up as the bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding because of the rain. Her friends have had enough and attempt an intervention on Madison in hopes to rid her of her aquaphobia. Things go wrong, however, as the Drownsman begins to haunt each girl with an unquenchable thirst (get it?) to claim their lives.

The movie has a nice “Ring” (okay, I’m done with the puns) to it: individuals being gradually haunted by a creepy, supernatural character with drooping, damp hair; water dripping here and there; and a main character running around for clue after clue to develop the story and come to a solution for these hauntings.

The Drownsman himself is eerie with his imposing structure and posture. Plus, the storyline progresses well. However, even if the Drownsman uses different techniques to finish off his victims, the process of getting them to their final demise gets quite repetitive and predictable. In addition to this, quite a few of the actors and actresses don’t play their role very good as you sometimes notice them lacking emotion in some scenes or totally overplaying it. These fine details can sometimes be quite annoying when viewing this film.

It’s worth a watch if you decide to, but if you choose to pass, you won’t miss the movie of the year, either. “The Drownsman” deserves 3 stars out of 5.

3 / 5 stars     


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