‘Saw’ Returns to Theaters with 10th Anniversary Screening

Jason McDonald

Ready to feel extra old? The first “Saw” film is turning 10 this year and in order to celebrate it’s first big anniversary, Lionsgate is looking to put the franchise-spawning film back into theaters for a special screening.

“Saw” will be hitting theaters this October for a special one week screening.  The film will hit select theaters on Thursday, October 30th.  Then it’ll open wide on Friday, October 31st.  The film originally premiered on October 29th, 2004 and went on to spawn six sequels. The last of which was “Saw 3D” which premiered four years ago.

The first film was directed by James Wan from a script he co-wrote with Leigh Whannell, two talents who have gone on to have incredible success in the horror genre.  “Saw” starred Cary Elwes and Whannell as two men trapped in a deadly game orchestrated by a man known only as the Jigsaw Killer.

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      1. Rhodia August 31, 2014 at 7:45 pm

        ..Easily the best one.., Cary Elwes was superb..!!, as was Danny Glover.. Really a clever, cool, & fully creepy moovee…!! The “sequels” merely re-invented the wheel, & capitalized on a franchise.. Hope it shows in my neck o’ the woods, would be cool to see BIG again..!!!