Blood Moon Trailer Shows Dog’s Bite

Stephanie Joyce

BLOOD Moon PosterHere comes another movie in the vein of werewolves, only these creatures are described as “skinwalkers” in the story for Blood Moon. This title looks highly stylized as it is set in the old wild west and, instead of robbers being the one thing that passengers of a stagecoach should worry about, it is a tall, upright walking dog-like creature that stalks its prey in the night that any traveler should be worried about.

The time is 1887 in Colorado and a stagecoach full of passengers and an enigmatic gunslinger are held hostage by two outlaws on the run from the law but events take an unexpected turn when the travelers are stalked by a mythical beast that only appears on the night of a blood red moon.

UK’s Frightfest 2014 has described this title as Jeremy Wooding’s (Director) genre mash up of comedy, horror and the western. Blood Moon possess a distinct sense of feeling, and serves as a testament to the importance of the creative voice even within the shadow of genre. The film paints a picture of horror in the Americas.

Although this title hasn’t hit the DVD and VOD circuit yet, we found the first review thanks to Nerdly:

It’s safe to say horror westerns don’t have the best track record. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a good amount of decent examples out there such as Grim Prarie Tales, Ravenous, Dead Birds and The Burrowers. But there’s also a Lot of bad horror westerns that have debuted at Frightfest’s of the past. Given that, it was with a sense of trepidation that I approached Blood Moon…The film also succeeds thanks to its cast. Shaun Dooley, as the outlaw Calhoun, is one hell of a badass. As someone who only really remembers Dooley from his role in British soap Eastenders, Blood Moon shows him in a totally different light. His outlaw anti-hero is the kind of character that most actors would kill for, a role that could become a horror icon. Thankfully there’s a hint, at the end of the film, that Calhoun will go on to hunt down more “otherworldy” creatures in the Wild West and I really hope he does. I’d definitely pay to see more of his demon-hunting adventures! The rest of the cast is filled with tons of familiar faces from both TV and the big screen including Anna Skellern (The Descent 2, Lip Service); Corey Johnson (Saving Private Ryan, Captain Phillips); and Jack Fox (Fresh Meat); in roles that vary from well-written to incredibly under-written, yet all give their all in a film that – given the small, almost claustrophobic, nature of the film – requires the cast to be on point at all times.

And now you can judge for yourself if this horror-western is worth a gander by checking the trailer out here:


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