Independence Day Sequel Gets Official Green Light

Jason McDonald

Didn’t we already say this movie was happening? I’ve talked about this damn film so many times that I feel like it already came out.  How many mother loving ways can I say “It’s happening”? Mark this post, it’s the last time I ever say “a sequel to ‘Independence Day’ is getting made.”  The next time I mention this film it’ll be because they either cast some people or cancelled it.

That being said… Deadline is reporting that the “Independence Day” sequel has received the green light from Fox!  This means that Fox has finally said “Yeah, go ahead and make that thing we’ve been talking about for years.”  However, there is some actual news to be had here.  Original reports surrounding the “Independence Day” sequel suggested that it would be two films shot back to back.  Meaning we would’ve gotten “Independence Day 2” and “3” within a span of a year or two.  Fox has since dropped those plans, though, and they appear to only be making one sequel as of now.  Of course, if the new film does well, you can expect them to green light that third film soon after.

The timing of the green light also means that the film should hit its release date of July 4th, 2016.  Just in time for the original film’s 20th anniversary.  Which is probably the smartest thing they could’ve done after waiting so long.  And, though it’s been said before, I feel I should remind people that Will Smith will NOT be in the next film.  Regardless, I still like to use this picture with articles.

Independence Day


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