Concept Art for Neill Blomkamp’s “Alien” Movie Idea

Jason McDonald

This is kind of a weird post because it’s about a thing that never was actually a real thing, but it existed in the mind of a talented director and if someone had approached him to do it, it sounds like he totally would have done it.  However, since no one asked him, this concept art exists in the fantastical world of “What Could Have Been.”

Earlier this week director Neill Blomkamp took to his Instagram to post some interesting concept art for an “Alien” movie.  Neill was never asked by the studio to do it and wasn’t approached about directing an “Alien” film, but it seems like he wanted to create a concept for an idea he had in case he had the opportunity.  Cause, hell, you never know when someone might ask if you have an idea for their “Alien” franchise, right?

Judging by the concept art it would seem that Neill’s vision for a new “Alien” movie would erase what was done in “Alien 3” and “Alien: Resurrection” and reunite Ripley with Hicks.  I can hear the collective squeals of joy from here.  They would’ve also introduced some new Xenomorph eggs and a new type of humanoid Xeno creature.  The weirdest art, though, depicts Ripley in some sort of space suit designed to look like the Xenomorph.  Maybe the new “Alien” film would’ve been about Ripley going undercover as an alien to bust up a Xenomorph meth operation.  Ah, what could’ve been.  Check out the art below and let us know what you think.

As a bonus note, Blomkamp does tease the idea of returning to this concept later on.  So, who knows? Maybe this will see life again some day in the far future.

NB Alien 2 NB Alien NB Alien 9 NB Alien 8 NB Alien 7 NB Alien 6 NB Alien 5 NB Alien 4 NB Alien 3

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