‘Independence Day 2’ Casts Jeff Goldblum, Jessie Usher, and Liam Hemsworth

Jason McDonald

Big chunk of casting news out of the “Independence Day 2” sequel camp.  This movie went from a rocky roller coaster of will they/won’t they to suddenly getting a trio of actors all ready to go.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Jessie Usher, who stars in “Survivor’s Remorse” on Starz, has been cast in the upcoming sequel and will play the son of Captain Steven Hiller, the role Will Smith played in the original film.  However, that might not be the only family tie this film will have.

Director Roland Emmerich later took to Twitter to reveal that Liam Hemsworth has signed on and the popular rumor seems to be that he might have some sort of connection to President Whitmore (Bill Pullman).  And if you were hoping for the return of at least one familiar face, Emmerich revealed that Jeff Goldblum would be reprising his role of David Levinson.

If Hemsworth’s character does indeed have a connection to President Whitmore it’ll be interesting to see if Bill Pullman is the next name added to the roster.  We know that Will Smith won’t be returning to the series, but perhaps some more familiar names can potentially return.  Maybe Randy Quaid survived his suicide attack on the alien ship?  Or maybe they captured him and turned him into some sort of weird human-alien hybrid.  Oh man, the possibilities are endless. At the very least we should get the return of the dog. He somehow survived a giant fireball of death, surely time has no sway over that indestructible beast.

Jeff Goldblum ID4


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      1. rd March 4, 2015 at 5:09 am

        Will Smith you need this buddy….nobody has really cared about your movies in years. You need a hit champ

      2. rd March 4, 2015 at 5:11 am

        Will Smith you need this Buddy. Nobody has cared about your movies in years. You need a hit