Friday the 13th Director takes on Horror Flick ‘Stowaway’

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Marcus Nispel doesn’t produce a whole lot of work, but I still find him to be an interesting director.  His feature film debut was with the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake in 2003.  He then followed that up with the underrated sci-fi creature feature “Pathfinder.”  And then he took on the task of remaking another horror classic with the 2009 “Friday the 13th.”  A film, that I thought, successfully revived Jason Voorhees.

Now, according to THR, Marcus Nispel is taking his horror sensibilities to the high seas.  Nispel’s newest film is called “Stowaway” and the director has some big plans for the future of his newest creation.

Having revived major franchises like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, I intend to create the beginning of a new horror franchise with Stowaway. There has not been an edgy and original R-rated monster movie in a long time; a monster that is humanoid and strikes from below dark waters is so innately scary that it will stand shoulder to shoulder with other iconic brands, and at the same time reinvent claustrophobic and maritime horror, thus appealing to a whole new generation of audiences.

Those are some pretty bold claims and I hope he’s able to live up to them, it’s been awhile since the horror genre has had a new iconic villain.  Especially one that comes from the depths of the sea.  In the description below it kind of sounds like the creature might be based on the Nökken folktale.  Here’s how THR describes the film:

A newly engaged woman hits the high seas with the seemingly perfect family into which she is marrying. Things go south then she discovers that at the bottom of the ocean lies a family secret that is about to tear everyone apart, emotionally and, ultimately, physically.

Marcus will be writing and directing the film and pitching it at Cannes.

Friday the 13th Director takes on Horror Flick Stowaway

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