31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies 2015: Week Three Recap


It’s that time once again for me to give you guys a complete recap of my viewings during the 31 Days of Halloween extravaganza. If you missed week one or week two you can still check those out before you continue on. This week I did more catching up on some films that I’ve missed over the years. But don’t worry, I also picked up a brand new Sasquatch film that was a lot of fun.

As always the disclaimer reads this is by no means a “Best Of” or “Must Watch” horror films for Halloween. Some of those types of films might be included, but this is just simply a bunch of movies, that for one reason or another, I haven’t watched till now. Anyway, on to the movies!

October 15th: The Canal (2014)

I hadn’t heard a single thing about this movie before watching it. I don’t even remember how it ended up in my Netflix que to be one hundred percent honest. But it looked interesting and I had a couple spots to fill during the month so on the list it went.

Overall it was a nice little movie. It was a kind of investigative mystery with a lot of creepy imagery and dreamlike scenarios. I liked it quite a bit but I also felt like there wasn’t much meat on the bones. I think it may have worked much better as a short film. That being said it’s still worth checking out.


October 16th: Grabbers

This is another case of me dropping the ball. I had heard a lot about Grabbers and I even recall watching the trailer a couple times. It went to Netflix, I added it to my que, and like so many other fantastic horror films that I just don’t have time for, it sat. Until now.

I was really surprised by how good Grabbers really was. I heard about it mostly from other H.P. Lovecraft fans that I know who had praised it quite a bit. I think what surprised me the most though was how good the special effects were. The creature was very cool looking and something about it reminded me of The Host. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a good horror comedy.

Grabbers Photo

October 17th: The Horde

Again, another movie I added to my que several years ago and just never watched. I think part of my apprehension on this one was the subtitles. I don’t mind subtitles at all, but after working and going to school.. Some days I just don’t feel like reading a movie. But for the 31 Days of Halloween I decided to finally sit down and watch it.

This is a really slow burn. The first thirty or so minutes is kind of slow despite having a couple action scenes. The zombie action though is pretty good. It doesn’t pick up a lot at any point until towards the end. It has a couple cool scenes with some decent effects, it just didn’t “Wow” me.


October 17th Bonus: Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion

After watching my initial film for the night I had forgotten that Shout Factory was doing a Gamera Kaiju Movie Marathon. I’ve always loved Kaiju films since I was a little kid. I use to watch TNT’s Monstervision with Joe Bob Briggs. Those were good days when I could watch back to back Godzilla movies.

Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion was the first film that I really caught during the stream. I’ve only ever seen one or two other Gamera films but most Kaiju films are the same. This one kind of had a message to it about nature turning against man and reclaiming the Earth. Honestly, I love it when they try and sneak some high brow cause into a low budget Kaiju. It’s just perfect.


October 18th: Rigor Mortis

When I first started writing for this very site, I was considered the “Asian Horror Movie Expert”. I’m really not kidding it was part of my title for awhile. I loved just about everything coming out of Japan at the time. But after awhile, it all became derivative and I lost all interest. So when I saw the trailer for this movie I thought it looked really amazing and even had the backing of Takashi Shimizu, who was one of the real visionaries during that initial push.

Right from the opening voice over I was hooked. It was profound and struck a real personal chord with me. After that though it kind of took the strange turn that most Japanese horror films do. If you are use to watching them then you know it comes with the territory. If you can look past these weird moments you will find some nuggets of creepiness that are worth the wait.

Rigor Mortis

October 19th: As Above, So Below

Now this is a movie that I really wanted to see in the theater. I can’t really say that about too many horror movies these days, but this one was definitely on that list. The trailer looked like it would be right up my alley with some really strange and creepy visuals.

Unfortunately, I feel like I may have gotten my hopes up too high. It wasn’t really a bad movie, I just feel like they didn’t do enough to make me feel committed to those particular scenes. Why should this scene be creepy to me? They don’t give you any background reference to the characters to feel that same terror. Plus it came across like a Lara Croft horror movie, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just not what I was expecting.

Official Poster & Trailer for As Above, So Below

October 20th: Bigfoot The Movie

This morning I woke up with a message from an old friend of mine, Brenna Roth. We had featured her here on the site several times and I was even talking to her about doing a blog here for awhile. Of course that never came to fruition but we’ve stayed in touch here and there over the years. She hasn’t done much horror recently except this new film, Bigfoot the Movie. So she pointed me in the direction of the director so I could check it out.

I talked about this in my week one recap about watching indie films on the fly. I have always supported indie filmmakers but it has gotten to the point where you really have to grab my attention. Luckily the trailer looked funny enough and Brenna had given it some high praise so I figured, “Why not?”.

I was beyond impressed with how this movie came out. Horror Comedy is really hard to pull off especially on an indie scale. You have to have the right writers and the right actors to pull it off. The lead three actors here were fantastic and the supporting group wasn’t bad either. You take a group of three redneck, backwoods guys and have them hunt down Bigfoot. What could go wrong?

My only real gripe is that they use a bit of regional humor that if you aren’t from the Ohio/Pennsylvania area, you might not understand. But it’s not excessive. The effects are actually really good and practical! None of that CG garbage here. This was a really fun movie and I suggest you guys check it out. Support GOOD indie horror and check it out.


October 21st: Under the Bed

This site has followed Steven C. Miller’s career for years now. We were one of the initial sites to do any real coverage for his film Automaton Transfusion way back in the early days of the site. Like I said in my last review, I love indie horror and this site has always supported indie filmmakers.

I bought Under the Bed a couple months ago and just hadn’t watched it yet. I have seen all of Miller’s other work so I was excited to see what he had next for us. Ever since Automaton he has kind of gotten away from the real guerrilla style of film making that he use to have. Which is something that I miss a lot from him. But this effort was still pretty solid.

The beginning is a little too melodramatic for me and then it turns into a real slow burn. I won’t lie some of it is even a little cringe worthy but the monster effects towards the end make up for it. The creature looks really bad ass and the kills are just as creative. Worth a look for sure.


Alright sorry this update is being posted so late guys. I had a lot going on this week and I needed to catch up on some school work and other real life stuff that happens. But thank you so much for the continued support and I really hope you keep coming back. I hope you guys have had an awesome October so far and have watched some killer movies. Let me know what you guys are watching and come back next week for the fourth update! Thank you!


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