31 Days of Scares- #1 ‘Halloween’ Extravaganza!

Jason McDonald

The 31 Days of Scares isn’t a countdown of the best horror movies.  In fact, it’s not even about the best movies. It’s simply about some of my favorite “scares” or scenes from horror movies and they’re in no particular order.  So there’s no need to debate countdown order. It’s pretty random.  With that said: on to the countdown!

Happy Halloween! We finally made it to the big day! For our FINAL entry into the “31 Days of Scares” countdown I just had to pick the “Halloween” series.  That’s right, series.  We’re doing them all! I’ll be talking about the original “Halloween”, “Halloween 2”, “Halloween 4”, “Halloween 5”, “H20”, and one last surprise.

You might be asking why not “Halloween 3”? And I didn’t include that one because I already talked about it here.  So now you might be asking about “Halloween 6” and, well, I honestly struggle to think of a good thing to say about that one.  The best scene is probably when that annoying DJ gets strung up in a tree.

The original “Halloween” is one of my all time favorite films so having to pick just one moment from that film as my favorite scare is nearly impossible.  After much debate I finally settled on scene that captures the intangible nature of Michael Myers.  This scene plays on the mythical nature of Michael and exemplifies his Boogeyman-like persona.  One moment you see him and the next he’s gone.  It’s a great scene that slowly turns up the creep factor in the film. It also features my favorite line in the series.

Next we venture to “Halloween 2” with a classic kill that showcases Michael’s brutality.  In the previous film we saw people get strangled and stabbed to death.  In “Halloween 2” Michael ups his game a bit by drowning people in boiling hot water.  Check out the classic jacuzzi kill from “Halloween 2.”

Next to the original “Halloween” I think “Halloween 4” is my next favorite addition to the series.  Jamie Lloyd is a great protagonist and added a lot of heart and fresh blood to a series that was struggling to get back to its feet after “Halloween 3” misfired.  She was an incredibly sympathetic character and I felt terrified for her throughout the whole movie.  So imagine the how shocking it was when the film revealed at the end that this sweet little girl was the new “Michael Myers.”  The heir apparent to the slasher thrown.

I think it would’ve been incredibly interesting if they had followed this up and transformed Jamie until a slasher villain, but instead we got “Halloween 5” and that led us to “Halloween 6” . . . Bleh.  Regardless, that final scene is still quite chilling and one of my favorite moments from “Halloween 4.”

The ending of “Halloween 5” wasn’t the only shocking twist in the fifth chapter.  Rachel, who was Jamie’s big sister in “Halloween 4” and acted as a sort of surrogate character for Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie, had survived Michael in the fourth film and seemed like the new “final girl” for the series, but in a shocking twist Michael brutally stabs her to death in the early parts of the fifth film.  With Rachel getting killed off and Jamie put in a mental hospital this was certainly one of the darkest chapters in the “Halloween” series.  Until we got to “Halloween 6” . . . .

But nevermind about that, because  now we’re at “H20” or “Halloween 20 Years Later.”  A film whose biggest claim to fame is that it tries to ignore everything that happened after “Halloween 2.”  It’s actually not a bad entry in the series and serves as a good ending point for the entire franchise.  Here we get the final confrontation between Laurie and Michael and instead of stopping or letting the villain be “arrested”, Laurie takes matters into her own hands and end things once and for all.


That is, until, a little film known as “Halloween Resurrection” decided to crap all over that.  My God. What a terrible, terrible, terrible movie. I mean it’s just bad.  And yet . . . it might be my most watched “Halloween.”  I honestly enjoy watching this flaming trainwreck.  There’s just something comforting about it.  I mean, just watch this scene where Busta Rhymes uses Kung Fu on Michael Myers.  I can’t believed I just used those words in a sentence.  It’s not good, but it somehow manages to be great for all the wrong reasons.

And if you’re asking why I would include “Halloween: Resurrection” with all these other films? Well, it’s Halloween.  Sometimes you get a trick instead of a treat.

Have a safe and fun holiday!


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