31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies 2015: Complete Recap and Wrap Up


Well, sadly, the Halloween season is now over. Another 330 some odd days until the season is upon us again. This entire month I have invited you to come along with me on my journey as I watched over 31 horror movies this month. It’s been a great time sharing my experiences with you and I hope you join me again next year. But I still have a couple movies to catch you guys up.

October 29th: Halloween II (1981)

Yesterday I watched the original Halloween which means you have to follow that up with the direct sequel. These two films go hand and hand. If you are gonna watch one, you almost have to watch the other.

This Halloween contains one of the best Michael Myers kills in the entire franchise. The nurse in the hallway? Masterful. The only other little tidbit that I will add is that this year I watched the Television Cut that was included in the Scream Factory release. It added just little bits that weren’t included in the Theatrical cut, little story related scenes.

Halloween II 1981 2

October 30th: The American Scream

Originally I had slated Halloween III: Season of the Witch for this spot, but I couldn’t track down my copy and it wasn’t streaming anywhere. The American Scream was on the list earlier but was removed so I could watch Bigfoot: The Movie. So at the last minute it was back on.

I had seen Michael Stephenson’s previous work with the Best Worst Movie Ever. So I knew he had some talent and I also thought the idea behind The American Scream was pretty cool. Overall a really cool little documentary about ordinary people turning their houses into haunts for one night every year. The ending is really fantastic and an uplifting story. Definitely check it out.


October 31st: Mad Monster Party?

This movie is just a holiday tradition for me. If you’ve followed me before than you already saw this one coming long before Halloween came along. If you watch Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer every Christmas, than you HAVE to start watching Mad Monster Party every Halloween. This has been a tradition of mine for twenty plus years to watch on Halloween and I would love it if all you guys joined me.


That’s it! 2015’s 31 Days of Halloween is now in the books. This year went by surprisingly fast. Unfortunately I didn’t do half of the stuff that I really wanted to get done. I did go to the Ghost concert though, which was an absolute blast. Next year hopefully I’ll get to do more of the stuff that I planned to do this year. I think schedules just didn’t work out the way I would have liked. Either way, it was a good Halloween season as always. I just wish it would have been longer.

Anyway, below is a full list of the movies that I watched this year.. Minus Adjust Your Tracking. I watched that late one night and didn’t bother to include it here since it is more of a “cult” type film, than horror. I really hope you liked following me this year and I hope you continue coming back here for all your horror news. Next year hopefully I will be back again to document my journey for you all and I hope you join me!

Week One: Wyrmwood, Zombeavers, The Demon’s Rook, We Are Still Here, WolfCop, Dead Snow: Red vs Dead, Bonus: Ghost Concert in St. Louis with live footage, and The Inhabitants

Week Two: Wolf Creek 2, It Follows, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Late Phases, Bonus: Who is Chainsaw?, Contracted, Nightbreed: The Directors Cut, and Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Week Three: The Canal, Grabbers, The Horde, Bonus: Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion, Rigor Mortis, As Above/So Below, Bigfoot: The Movie, and Under the Bed

Week Four: Ernest Scared Stupid, Honeymoon, Return of the Living Dead, The Beyond, Zombi 2, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Halloween


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