‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Might Feature Slender Man

Jason McDonald

“American Horror Story” recently put it’s latest season (AHS: Hotel) to bed, so now speculation about the next season is starting to swell up.  One of the biggest driving factors behind this is the fact that AHS is notorious for sneaking in clues and hints about upcoming seasons.  Now it looks like one theory has picked up a bit of steam.

US Weekly is reporting that infamous creepypasta icon Slender Man may be the subject of “American Horror Story” season six.  Slender Man, if you don’t know, got his start as a post on Something Awful before reaching internet fame with a series of YouTube videos called “Marble Hornets.”  From there the internet took the mythos and ran with the character like a mad men.  We’ve since had various movies, games, and literature either inspired by or directly referencing Slender Man.

If you’re not sure what exactly “Slender Man” is, the best way I can describe him is that his methods are similar to how “grey” aliens are portrayed in media.  He abducts people, causes people to lose hours of time, distorts reality, and preys on people by appearing to them when they least expect it.  Who he is and why he does what he does remains a mystery, but in the Slender Man mythos, he’s been around for decades.  Possibly centuries.

According to US Weekly’s insider, the AHS writers found a script they really liked and are now attempting to purchase it for use on the show.  From there they’ll start casting up and preparing the series.

Thankfully we won’t have to wait long to learn if there’s any truth to this news as we’ll most likely find out what the next AHS series will be in March when the cast and crew attend PaleyFest.  Series creator Ryan Murphy has a long standing tradition of revealing the next season of AHS at that event, so we’ll know for sure then.

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