Top Ten Supernatural Sleuths

Jason McDonald

I’m riding on a X-Files high and that’s caused me to start thinking about my favorite fictional characters that have dabbled in the supernatural.  While a lot of characters have sold their souls to the devil and been complacent in some dark activities, a few have have taken a stance against the darkening tide and actively fought the forces of evil.  Who are the best of the best of these brave souls? Read on to find out how I rank these supernatural sleuths.

10.) The Warrens (“The Conjuring”)

conjuring teaser

I don’t have a strong opinion regarding the real life Warrens, that can be debated down below, but the cinematic Warrens were portrayed with such honesty and life that I felt compelled to name them as my number 10 supernatural investigators. In “The Conjuring” they’re dedicated, honest, and down to earth in a way that makes them feel as vulnerable as the people they’re helping. They aren’t superhuman, they’re just a couple of people doing their best to make the world a little safer.

9.) Sam and Dean Winchester (“Supernatural”)


Few supernatural investigators can balance humor and horror as well as Sam and Dean Winchester.  The brothers on “Supernatural” have seen just about everything the afterlife can throw at them and yet they keep on going.  From vampires to the Devil, Sam and Dean have tangled with them all and yet they still manage to find room for the smaller cases like murdered imaginary friends.  While the series may have run its course Sam and Dean still remain as enthralling as ever.

8.) The Frog Brothers (“The Lost Boys”)

Frog Brothers The Lost Boys

Since inheriting their comic book shop the Frog Brothers have proved to be a thorn in the side of darkness.  Whenever blood was spilled in the name of vampirism the Frog Brothers are there to clean up and bring peace to Northern California.  They aren’t the best supernatural sleuths, but they are certainly the first ones I’d call when dealing with Vampires.

7.) Frank Black (“Millennium”)

Frank Black

Lance Henriksen has had a lot of great roles, but one of my favorites has to be as Frank Black.  A former FBI profiler, Frank Black stared into the heart of darkness and tried to make sense of the mayhem humanity was capable of.  He constantly battled psychopaths, occultists, and serial killers all while trying to be a family man.  Of all the supernatural sleuths, Frank Black was the one I felt most sympathetic towards because he showed me that even when the good guys manage to win, it comes at a great cost.

6.) Myka and Pete (“Warehouse 13”)

Warehouse 13

Not every supernatural mystery needed to involve apocalyptic consequences.  Sometimes they just involved slapstick calamity and haphazard heroes with a nose for heroics.  “Warehouse 13” was one of those shows that featured all sorts of supernatural miscreants, but focused heavily on character development as our heroes Pete and Myka battled ancient evils and each other while trying to uncover the secrets held within the Warehouse.

5.) Abraham Van Helsing (“Dracula”)

Van Helsing

Perhaps one of the greatest monster hunters, Van Helsing is the one character on this list who isn’t tied down to just one actor. From Peter Cushing to Hugh Jackman to Anthony Hopkins, many actors have stepped into the role of Van Helsing, but most of us probably remember his first intro in 1931 with “Dracula.”  Since then Van Helsing has taken on many forms with various actors portraying him as he battled monsters and vampires.  But one thing has remained true throughout his many iterations: Van Helsing is the name all monsters fear.

4.) Frank Bannister (“The Frighteners”)

The Frighteners

Frank Bannister is kind of a dirtbag, but he’s trying to be a better person.  With the help of hs paranormal buddies Frank scams clueless homeowners into believing their house is haunted so he can charge a hefty fee to rid their homes of “evil” spirits.  However, when a real evil spirit comes to town Frank is forced to rise to the occasion and help people, even when they think he’s the cause of  all their troubles.  Frank shows that you don’t need to be an upright citizen to be a hero, you just have to be willing to do the right thing when the situation calls for it.

3.) The Ghostbusters (“Ghostbusters”)


I mean, really, who else are you going to call?  They’re not the cleanest or most professional guys on the beat, but when you need a job done and you need it done at a reasonable price, the Ghostbusters are your best bet.  Sure, they have trouble staying open for business, but that’s just because they’re so damn good at their jobs.  If you just want some hard working blue collar guys to come to your aide, you know what to do.  Pick up that phone and give them a call.

2.) Mulder and Scully (“The X-Files”)

X-files Home

I can’t decide if Mulder and Scully are the best or worst supernatural sleuths on this list.  Of all the people here these two seem to have more losses on their record than anyone else, but then again, they do deal in some pretty high stake situations.  When they aren’t investigating crazy monsters they’re tangling with global government conspiracies with life and death stakes.  So I’m willing to forgive a few setbacks. And with Fox Mulder you at least know that no matter how outlandish your story might be, he’s willing  to believe you.

1.) Kolchak (“Kolchak: The Night Stalker”)


When it comes to conspiracies and monsters Mulder and Scully would certainly be the first ones I’d call.  However, since they’re government agents, I have to imagine they’re nearly impossible to get ahold of.  That’s when you need a man of the people, the kind of guy who hangs out at your local bar and chews your ear about chem trails and fluoride in the water.

Kolchak’s show only lasted one season, but he deserves a lot of credit for laying the groundwork for the type of supernatural sleuths we see today.   The most interesting thing about Kolchak is that he was a reporter.  He wasn’t out trying to kill monsters or make arrests, he was simply trying to uncover the truth and shed light on mysteries no one wanted to acknowledge.  He may not get the recognition he deserves, but Kolchak will always be number one in my heart.


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      1. caffeinatedjoe January 26, 2016 at 1:25 am

        Micki, Ryan and Jack from Friday the 13th: The Series should at least have the spot Myka and Pete hold. They fought the worst of humanity and Satan on a weekly basis!

        • Jason McDonald January 26, 2016 at 5:40 am

          Funny you should say that because I went back and forth between “Friday the 13th: the series” and “Warehouse 13.” Ultimately I decided to go with Warehouse, but Micki, Ryan, and Jack should get an honorable mention.

      2. Adam January 26, 2016 at 1:21 pm

        Whatabout Harry D’amour from Lord of Illusions and the Blood Gospels? Or John Constantine? Either of those guys were detectives of heavy supernatural stuff…

        • Jason McDonald January 29, 2016 at 7:46 am

          John Constantine would’ve been an excellent fit. Damn, completely slipped my mind.