‘Marilyn: Zombie Hunter’ Casts Krista Grotte

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Krista GrotteIt’s been a little while since we had an update for you in regards to Thomas J. Churchill’s highly anticipated flick Marilyn: Zombie Hunter, but news has come that horror vixen Krista Grotte (Illusions, Lazarus: Apocalypse, Nation’s Fire; pictured right) will star in the upcoming film, and we’re freakin’ stoked!

Krista is utterly stunning, and she is carving out a name for herself in the horror genre, and we can’t wait to see what else she has for us.

At this time we have no word as to who she will play in the film, but we will keep you guys updated as the film progresses.

Below we have a little information on Krista Grotte’s career, as well as a video interview with the always awesome Dawna Lee Heising for Eye On Entertainment, which gives you a little more insight into Krista Grotte’s upcoming films.

From the Press Release:

Scream Queen Krista Grotte is an award winning actress, internationally published fitness model, as well as a pioneer with PTI (Planning Technology Inc) in technical advances in state of the art applications that integrate the aviation industry with the transportation networking company industry.

Krista starred in her first short film “Filthy” in 2001, which went on to win 23 awards around the nation. After the successful release of “Filthy”, Krista was approached for promotional modeling opportunities and soon found herself gracing the pages of Robert Kennedy’s American Curves Magazine, Rob Sims’ Fit Models International Magazine, Born to Ride Magazine and at the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner and Teasem Bikini. She studied Acting under Corrine Broskett at the Venue Theatre and attended St. Petersburg College.

Krista’s roles in horror films include The Godfather of Gore Herschell Gordon Lewis’ film “The Uh-Oh Show”, “Death On Demand”, “Filthy”, “Lazarus: Apocalypse” and “Emerging Past”. Her lead role in Thomas J. Churchill’s “Emerging Past” sold out three theatres at the New York City International Film Festival, earning the honor of Best Horror Feature. EP also earned her a Best Actress Award through the Full Moon Horror Festival in Nashville, TN. The award of the wolf ironically matched the symbol of the wolf she previously drew herself and had tattooed on her arm, visible in Emerging Past. Krista also earned Best Actress at the prestigious Florida Motion Picture and Television Association’s Crystal Reel Awards for a local short she developed and produced with Rick Danford.

Krista most recently played a terrorist in the action/adventure drama “Check Point” from Thomas J. Churchill. Churchill, a writer, producer, director, actor and radio host, is the founder and CEO of Church Hill Productions, and most recently lent his talents to writing, producing and directing “Check Point”. “Check Point” stars William Forsythe, Kane Hodder, Kenny Johnson, Bill Goldberg, Mel Novak, Fred Williamson and Krista Grotte, and will be released to theaters in May 2016.
Krista is known in the motorcycle community for her role as television correspondent for Born To Ride TV. Born To Ride (borntoride.com) was created in 1995 by Ron and Debbie Galletti of Brandon, Florida. Born To Ride combines four successful media elements: television, magazine, website and event promotions.

Krista, Thomas J. Churchill and Ron Galletti have teamed up to produce a new action/thriller called “Nation’s Fire”, which takes place in the motorcycle community. Krista will star in “Nation’s Fire”, which is currently in pre-production. Krista will also star in Churchill’s upcoming horror film “Marilyn: Zombie Hunter”.

Synopsis1961. Beauty Queen. Movie Legend. The world is obsessed with her, with her films and her personal life. But, what they didn’t know was that she was protecting us. Her late night trips to the White House were just the beginning of what the world believed was a scandal. A mutated strain of the Bubonic plague has returned with a vengeance, taking human lives and re-animating the dead who have returned to the world with the intention to feast. When keeping this world threat out of the headlines, The President summons the best fighter and tracker he knows to help him extinguished the undead that have returned. Being a Hollywood movie star was her job, zombie hunter was her skill.

For more information on Marilyn: Zombie Hunter, go ‘like‘ their official Facebook page.

Marilyn Zombie Hunter


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