A Sequel to ‘I Come in Peace’ May Finally Be in the Works

Jason McDonald

This is a shocking bit of news, but it looks like a sequel to “I Come in Peace” may be in the works.  Nothing official has been announced yet, but a certain alien drug dealer seems to be back in the game.  And if you can’t trust your intergalactic drug dealer, who you can you trust?

“I Come in Peace”, also known as “Dark Angel”, is one of those rare 90s treasures that wasn’t fully appreciated when it was released.  However, in the over twenty years since it’s original release the film has gained a cult following and for good cause.  In “I Come in Peace” Dolph Lundgren plays a badass cop out for revenge after a gang of drug dealers kill his partner.  However, his quest for vengeance is interrupted when he discovers that an alien drug dealer has set-up shop in Lundgren’s city.

In the film Matthias Hues played the perfectly sinister alien drug dealer Talec who often uttered the phrase “I come in peace” before murdering people.  Now Matthias is saying that he and his team are starting work on a new follow-up film. He also sent this message to Impact:

Why do things take two decades to happen? I want to think it’s to bring the barrel to to the boil and have it explode as it starts to spill over! Too many fans have asked for it. I have done more than 30 films and no matter where I go in the world, it’s always “Hey Dude, I come in Peace!’ I have gotten so used to hearing it, that it will feel so natural to start saying it again. (Or perhaps something else that two decades from now another generation will shout after me when i walk down the streets or some dark alley!) We start this year! So I need to start warming up my legs, because I remember there was a lot of running and jumping! I COME IN PEACE Sincerely, Matthias Hues

So, yeah, it definitely seems like something is in the works, but the details of the project have yet to be revealed.  Personally, I’m just really curious to see if Dolph Lundgren would be up for returning.  What say you? Interested in a new sequel? Let us know below.




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      1. John March 20, 2016 at 8:40 pm

        Oh my lord…yes. Brilliant

      2. azoreseuropa March 22, 2016 at 1:36 pm

        I saw this movie before. Bad movie. Why sequel now ? UGH!