The CW is Bringing ‘The Lost Boys’ to Television

Jason McDonald

After the CW finally gave the axe to the “Friday the 13th” series this past week, it seemed like their journey to bring a horror movie property to their network had finally come to an end.  Or did it?!

In a surprise move the CW announced on Deadline that they were bringing iconic ’80s film “The Lost Boys” to life on the small screen.  Not only that, but they also announced that “Veronica Mars” creator, Rob Thomas, would be spearheading the project.  But the series won’t just be a straight adaptation of the film. Here’s how Deadline describes it:

Envisioned for a seven-season, anthology-style run, the series will tell a story spanning 70 years, each season chronicling a decade. Season 1 will be set in San Francisco during the Summer of Love, 1967. Each season, the humans, the setting, the antagonist and the story all change — only the vampires, our Lost Boys, who like the Peter Pan characters never grow up, remain the same.

It’s interesting that they’re planning this far ahead for the series to be a long lasting project.  It’s great to see that they have a plan and an exit point, but seven years seems like a bit on the long side.  Still, I’m curious to see what Rob Thomas does with the “Lost Boys” brand.  I wonder if when we get to season three and the ’80s if it’ll then be a remake of the original “Lost Boys” movie.  And then, maybe, season four will be that “Lost Girls” sequel they wanted to make back then.  That alone would be an interesting development.

My greatest concern for this project, though, is the casting. It’s gonna be heard to beat that original cast which featured the likes of Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and greased-up saxophone player.  Speaking of which, I wonder if Corey Feldman will have any involvement in the series?  He has to have a cameo, right?

What do you think? Interested in a “Lost Boys” series? What do you think of the concept?



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