Kane Hodder Hacks His Way into ‘Witchula’

Chris Savage
Picture courtesy of Julie Edwards

Picture courtesy of Julie Edwards

We’ve been following Marcus Bradford’s latest flick Witchula for quite some time now, and with each passing announcement it just heightens our excitement for this one. I mean, how can you not be excited for a film that is being dubbed as the “Expendables of horror”? So, with that, we can announce that Kane Hodder is the latest horror icon to venture into this one.

From the Press Release:

Witchula’, which many are already referring to as the “real Expendables of horror,” has announced the addition of Kane Hodder to a cast that already features horror icons Bill Oberst Jr and Eileen Dietz, as well as indie favorite Marilyn Ghigliotti. Hodder is best known for his iconic roles of Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th franchise and as Victor Crowley in all three ‘Hatchet’ films. Hodder will not only act in the film in a role that producer Matt Chassin describes as “pivotal,” but also has signed on as Stunt Coordinator. Producer John Blythe describes the move as, “the next step in bringing huge iconic horror talent to Witchula.”

‘Witchula’ is a co-production of US based MAB Studios and the UK’s Silent Studios, and will be filmed internationally. The US scenes will be directed by writer/producers Marcus Bradford and Pat Kusnadi, while the UK scenes will bring on Silent Studios’ Jason Wright as special guest director under the direction of Bradford and Kusnadi. Wright says Hodder is not only a talented icon, but, “is such a nice and humble guy,” and, “we’re all looking forward to working with him in the future.”

‘Witchula,” combines several sub genres as the producers have promised to give the horror fans what they want. Witches, werewolves, vampires and more will be featured. Kusnadi sums it up by saying,” This is a thrill for us to have such great talents from iconic horror actors who portrayed iconic horror characters. This is what the worldwide horror fans deserve. They deserve the long awaited film that can be proudly called as the real expendables of horror.” Marcus Bradford goes even further promising casting is not done, “More coming your way, horror fiends!!!”

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