[Review] ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Season 2 Premiere- Hail to the King Baby

Jason McDonald

Last year the most remarkable thing happened: We got an “Evil Dead” tv series and it was pretty damn good.  Who would have ever predicted that a movie series like “Evil Dead” would successfully make the jump from cinemas to the small screen and be largely faithful to the series and fans?  But with season two upon us can “Ash Vs Evil Dead” keep a good thing going?

Starz sent us a nifty little screener (I’ve included photos below) featuring the first two episodes of “Ash vs Evil Dead” season 2 which is set to premiere on October 2nd.  So this review will be a general overview of those two episodes.  Don’t worry, there won’t be any story spoilers for the second season, but I will spoil plot points from the first season.

“Ash vs Evil Dead” picks up a little bit after the end of season one.  Ash has ridden off into the sunset with Pablo and Kelly and they have made themselves a nice little home in Jacksonville, Florida.  Unfortunately for Ash, Evil isn’t done with him and his long overdue vacation is cut short when Ash learns that evil has taken root in the one place he never wanted to go back to: his hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan.

What was great about season one of “Ash vs Evil Dead” is that it successfully managed to bring us back into the world of Ash Williams and show what it would be like to be this person who had given up on their life because of some great burden.  Ash was still the great hero we all loved, but the show did a good job of showing how his life had just circled the drain for the last few decades.

In season two we get a different perspective on Ash: who is the man behind the legend?  By heading back to his hometown we get to see how Ash came to be and get an insight into who he was before he got to that infamous cabin.  We also see what his life was like after he returned home from the cabin.  Imagine going back to town and trying to explain how you’re the only survivor of an ancient evil attacking you and your friends.  How would the townsfolk perceive you? What sort of legends and stories would that spawn about you?  That’s the kind of character development we start to see in this season and it’s fascinating to watch a character like Ash go down that introspective path.

And Ash isn’t the only one we’re learning about this year.  Lucy Lawless is back as Ruby and this season looks to be delving into her role in the “Evil Dead” universe.  If there was one thing I had to complain about in the first season of this show it was that we got this big reveal of who Ruby was, but we knew nothing about her by the time things wrapped up.  Hopefully this season will correct that issue.  The first few episodes give some good indication that Ruby will play a bigger role this year and there are little teases in the first few episodes about her nature, so I’m hopeful we’ll get a fully fleshed out Ruby this season.

Pablo also gets some love in these first two episodes as we learn that he may continue to play a greater roll in the Evil Dead universe.  It’s easy to imagine that after having the Necronomicon glued to your face you’re bound to have some lasting side-effects.

Along with all of the revelations about our favorite characters, we’re also introduced to a brand new individual who has never appeared in the “Evil Dead” films before now.  Lee Majors (“The Six Million Dollar Man”) joins the cast as Ash’s father Brock Williams.  Of course, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree and we soon see that Brock is every bit his son and worse.  He’s a disgusting, womanising, antagonistic, and deplorable human being.  Basically he’s absolutely perfect for the role and it makes me hope we get to see more of the Williams family before the show is done.

And while they’re busy fleshing out the “Evil Dead” universe with all this character development, the core of the series is still zany horror themed misadventures.  Episode two features probably one of the most grotesque and side splitting fights that we’ve ever seen in an “Evil Dead” setting.  It’s easily one of my favorite moments of the series thus far.  We’re also introduced to some new evil entities who prove to be far more troublesome than the typical deadites Ash is used to dealing with.  It’s clear that despite several films and a season under it’s belt, the “Evil Dead” franchise is still brimming with twisted ideas.

Based on these first two episodes it’s clear that “Ash vs Evil Dead” is set to have another great season and looks as if things are only going to keep ramping up from where season one ended.  This show continues to be a worthy successor to the “Evil Dead” films and Ash is groovier than ever.  I’m excited to see where things go from here and can’t wait for the second season to get underway.


Evil Dead box

When opened the box played a little jingle that’s prominent in season two of “Ash vs Evil.”  It also came with a little booklet giving an overview of the characters in the show.

Evil Dead Box 2

The glasses were for the box as parts of it are in 3D. The eyeball didn’t do anything, but it was creepy.

Evil Dead Box 3

5 / 5 stars     

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