[Horror Short Review] Cindy Maples’ Out of my Mind

Chris Savage

Cindy Maples first caught our eye with her stellar short, Random, and since then we’ve been keeping a close eye on her for her next directorial effort, and again, she has delivered an interesting and engaging tale. The short is titled Out of my Mind, which stars Rusty James, the duo previously collaborated together on Maples’ earlier short, Random, and it appears as if they make a great team.

Out of my Mind follows Carter (Rusty James), a murder-mystery author who begins recounting the previous night at which he attended a celebration of mystery writers. While there, he encounters a beautiful blonde woman from afar, played by Mina Fedora. She gives Carter the look, and of course, he thinks that perhaps this beautiful woman is encouraging him on, but then her date appears, so Carter wallows back to the bar, feeling slightly defeated.

Later that night, Carter begins expanding on his story, but as he does, he soon begins to slip into a state of delusions as fantasy soon blends into reality, and all is not what it seems, or is it? Is his writing coming to life? Is death really on his hands or is he simply out of his mind?

The film blends the two worlds together quite well, as we just aren’t too sure if what we see is just in his mind or if it is indeed reality? And this is testament to Cindy’s execution, it works well. But considering this is a short and that it has a run-time of about 12-minutes, it does feel as if they tried to cram too much in such a short amount of time. I’m sure if they could they would have been able to expand on the story more and perhaps show more delusions from Carter, but all in all, it’s a valiant effort.

Also, I would have loved to of seen Mina Fedora go even more crazy, as judging by the small time she had, this chick can do crazy!

So, for the time they had, they did mange to engage me, but they did leave me wanting more. So, mission accomplished I guess? But the great thing with these shorts is that you get to see the director, in this case Cindy Maples, evolve as a director and Out of my Mind is definitely heading in the right direction. It has her mark on it, and it is unique, so I’ll continue to keep a close eye on her, and I hope you do too.

If you like psychological films, I recommend you hunt this one down if it plays at a festival near you, as they do have some interesting themes, and it is an engaging story. And speaking of the story, the short is based upon John Cosper’s Drip Drip. with the screenplay penned by both Maples and Neil Kellen.

Out of my Mind


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