Blood Hunters [Requiem FearFest Review]

Simon Rother

Blood HuntersWhen you’re a single mother and you wake up in a medical facility, 9 months pregnant (and you weren’t, up to your last memory), surrounded by dead bodies, that is certainly a rude awakening. Thus is the premise in Corey Brown’s “Blood Hunters,” (aka “One Drop”) directed by Tricia Lee, which was presented at Montreal’s Requiem FearFest; a new horror movie-related festival.

Ellie (Lara Gilchrist; “Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes,” “Hamlet,” and “Goodnight for Justice”) and Henry (Benjamin Arthur; “American Reunion,” “Less Than Kind,” and “Hang Loose”) both wake up in their own respective beds in an unfamiliar medical facility, surrounded by death. Ellie also has an additional surprise to her hostile experience: she is nine months pregnant and about to burst. Thing is: she wasn’t pregnant, to her prior knowledge. They fall upon a few other survivors as they discover that they are trapped inside this environment. Things only get from bad to worse as it doesn’t take long before they realize that some blood-thirsty creatures lurk in the darkness, awaiting the depletion of their light sources, as it is their only weakness.

Numerous things bothered me about “Blood Hunters,” making it, in general, an unpleasant viewing experience. First off, there were many loopholes regarding the storyline. Among many (without spoiling anything), the fact that one woman fights off 3-4 sinister creatures after they ravaged their way through a whole crew of scientists and guards, makes her valiant effort hard to believe. The acting, often, was cringe-worthy and unbelievable (literally). Numerous failed attempts at humoristic lines make you scratch your head and feel awkward. There was even a typical “bad guy” priest, evoking God and religion for what was taking place, making you roll your eyes.

I believe I even saw a glimpse of an actor’s face underneath the mask of one of the creatures, right in the eyehole, which really killed it for me. Speaking of the creatures, the directing on how they were presented could’ve been done in much better fashion. I don’t really mind that the look of the creatures didn’t appeal to me very much. I mind the fact that these beings were presented very quickly into the movie, perhaps too quickly, and that they seemed to be presented as vulnerable or afraid, as the first to be seen is shyly hanging back around the corner of a hallway, afraid of the light. This is simply my opinion, but I would’ve maybe envisioned a camera shot from the floor up, later on in the movie, with a close-up shot on a menacing, drooling, blood-thirsty creature, à-la-“Alien”. But that’s just me.

There were perhaps 1 or 2 decent jump-scares in the film, in addition to having an interesting story as to how our main protagonists got to where they are and why they are there. However, those are the only silver linings on an otherwise disappointing movie.

“Blood Hunters” receives a rating of 2 stars out of 5.

2 / 5 stars     


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