Meathook Massacre II [Review]

Chris Savage

Dustin Ferguson is certainly no stranger to low-budget shock cinema, as he has pretty much made an entire career out of it, while creating his only little niche, and while a lot of his work isn’t going to be for everyone, he still manages to create something entertaining.

Enter his latest flick, Meathook Massacre II, which is a sequel to the 2015 release of Meathook Massacre. The film starts off giving us a little refresher to the events that transpired 10 years ago, when Bubba (Robert Lankford) began hacking up people with his trusty meathook, and many locals began disappearing. And now, a recent spate of disappearances have began to happen once again, and yes, you’ve guessed it, Bubba is back up to his old tricks again.

This time though, he has brought his entire family along for the ride with Colby Coash playing Daddy, Deborah Dutch playing Aunty Deb and Dawna Lee Heising as Mother Dawna, and the family is just as crazed as Bubba, with an appetite for human flesh.

But, with the recent disappearances, it ignites Dan’s (Daniel Joseph Stier) search for his sister, who disappeared many years before courtesy of Bubba, and perhaps he can finally put Bubba and his meathook to bed once and for all, or is this murderous clan too much for Dan to handle?

The film is very low-budget, and you can tell they tried to deliver something entertaining, and for the most part they have. I mean, Dawna Lee Heising provides some comedy with a few one-liners and such, but sadly the film seems to lack one of the most important parts, a massacre.

There’s a few kills here and there, but nothing really memorable. I was expecting a lot more violence and carnage, but it seems a little weak for the most part. But for what it’s worth, Robert Lankford does his best at being this crazed lunatic, and he is entertaining, but sadly the carnage isn’t there to back up his persona.

The film is obviously heavily influenced by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The House of 1000 Corpses, and I think you’ll notice a few nods to these throughout. In fact there’s a hitchhiker scene which I think many of you will recognize, and speaking of which, Sissy (Jennii Caroline), who is featured in said scene totally steals the show. She killed it, I’d love to see more of this character if they plan on expanding.

Also, the film features some truly killer music from Leaether Strip, Velvet Acid Christ, Dragonsclaw, and Plack Blague. And Rob Robinson (former member of Kevorkian Death Cycle) delivers an original score, it’s freakin’ awesome!

Now, I’m sure if they had a bigger budget they would have been able to deliver an awesome slasher flick, as the foundation is there, but sadly it just didn’t deliver for me, personally, which is a shame as I was looking forward to this one. But ,that’s not to say it won’t for you.

So, if you’re after campy slasher flick, with heavy influences in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you should totally give this one a watch, and you can score a copy of the DVD for a limited time only right HERE.


2.5 / 5 stars     


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