Hellbilly (2003) [Review]

Chris Savage

I’ve been on a slasher-fest as of late and in doing so I’ve been on the look out for some more obscure, lesser known flicks. In doing so, veteran director Massimiliano Cerchi gave me the opportunity to watch his lost horror film Hellbilly, a film which is now available on various VOD platforms including Amazon Instant. The film was initially lost, that was until Massimiliano located the master copy and alas, the film was finally released.

Hellbilly is low-budget, but for me, this is what adds to its charm. It looks gritty as hell and that is how it should be, thankfully the violence is just as gritty.

The story, well, there isn’t one as such and it doesn’t really follow the same rules laid out by other slasher films, as this one pretty much follows the life of our villain, Hellbilly (Clayton Bigsby), instead of a bunch of teens being picked off one-by-one with one being the final victor.

In this case, it’s all about Hellbilly. The film opens with Todd (Nick Armas) and Angie (Beverly Lynne) as two young love-birds getting ready to get their grove on in the back of a jeep. Just as things are heating up though, Todd decides he needs to relieve himself and ventures out into the woods. Before you know it, Hellbilly bursts out, hacks up poor Todd and Angie makes a run for it.

During her escape she thinks she has found some help but locating a nearby trailer, unfortunately, it turns out to be the home of one Hellbilly. Soon, Angie becomes enslaved by this hulking beast as he proceeds to rip out her tongue in grueling fashion.

From here on out, Hellbilly simply roams the backwoods hacking up everyone, male, female, people with disabilities, you name it. Hellbilly takes no prisoners and he has a ton of fun doing it.

I have to give props to Lizard Studios, as they do some pretty cool practical effects considering the small production budget and it really aids the film which is a blessing as the story is pretty much left to the interpretation of the viewer, that is unless you read the synopsis, even then, it’s still pretty cryptic.

The story, from what I can gather, is that Hellbilly is disfigured from the direct result of incest who has a puppet which tells him to do things or simply antagonizes him. He also has a deep love for his mother who he still keeps in the back of his trailer, which ties up with the final scene and it’s one of the best scenes of the entire movie, it’s fun, and this is where we truly get to connect with this intriguing character.

And this is what I love about Hellbilly, it’s fun. It’s a fun movie that doesn’t take itself seriously at all. So if you’re after some mindless violence with a quirky, sadistic villain, check out Hellbilly, just don’t expect high production values. This is an underground slasher flick, and I’m surprised not more people talk about this one, you should check it out.


3.5 / 5 stars     


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