Insane (2015) [Review]

Chris Savage

Insane PosterClowns and horror films go together like cheese and pickle or peanut butter and jelly for those of you in the States. Clowns are creepy, they’ll draw you in with their fun little antics, and before you know what’s going on, that sucker has plucked your eyeballs out!

Now, of course, not every clown is out to feast on your soul, and some are out to make an actually living, but chances are, if you see a clown coming for you, that sucker isn’t about to play a game of cards. So, with clowns being as scary as they are for some, it was only a matter of time before veteran director, Massimiliano Cerchi, unleashed his take on the humble clown, and he has done so with Insane, which was written by Anthony Werley.

The film is a POV, found-footage, which ever you want to call it. It’s a simple method which can be effective or it can truly piss a few people off, especially with motion sickness. Thankfully though, this one is a little easy on the whole “shaky” camera thing.

Anyway, the film follows Michael (Vincent Rivera) and his girlfriend Sarah (Marcella Rodriguez) who recently bought a villa online, and as usual they haven’t done their homework. Seriously people, if you’re going to buy a new home you NEED to do background checks. Who knows who could have lived in the house before, what if it was a freakin’ clown, eh? Yeah, not so funny now.

So, yeah, they bought a villa, they turn up and they begin to look around, while Michael begins filming everything. So far things seem innocent enough, when suddenly Davis (Terry G. Reed), a nosey neighbor appears out of the blue.

He begins to tell our couple of the grisly murders performed by the previous tenant. See, see! Did they do their homework? No. Anyway, he proceeds and they learn that an escaped patient from an insane asylum killed the original owner and then the  previous owner also went a little off the walls as he bludgeoned his entire family with a sledgehammer, and now our lovely couple have arrived.

Intrigued by the whole history, Michael begins to document their time within the villa on his video camera, and even places a camera in every room, you know, in case something happens. Along his various walks throughout the villa, Michael finds an old, dusty jack-in-the-box, just sitting there, with no idea where it came from. He then kinda dismisses it and goes about filming his wife, cooking, sleeping, walking, while all the time being sexually frustrated, because she ain’t putting out.

Then, one night a figure appears running alongside the pool, and Michael freaks out! But according to their trusty neighbor, it’s just some kids breaking in, and that perhaps Michael scared them off. But then, strange things begin happening. Michael begins seeing a clown, just in the corner of his eye, or maybe it’s just some kind of delusions?

But later, the clown reappears and things take a deadly turn. But is the clown all in Michael’s mind? Or is this clown back from the dead, or is it something else entirely?

The film was okay, it took a while before things started going south for our couple, as not much else happens until the last ten or so minutes of the film and it’s a shame as this could have been so much better. But it’s not all bad as Greg Chandler Maness, who plays the clown, does a stellar job. The character is a lot of fun, and his makeup is excellent, but sadly he’s underutilized, and it’s frustrating.

I’m hoping in future they expand on this character, and perhaps his backstory as that would be something I would love to see as Massimiliano Cerchi is obviously talented. But sadly, Insane didn’t quite hit the right notes for me. But that’s not to say it won’t for you. And if you do, stay around until after the credits for some fun outtakes.

2 / 5 stars     


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